I've had the Mavic 2 for 3 Weeks now


…And I must say - It’s ace :wink:
29 Flights - 140km :smiley:
But I do wish they would add precision landing - my usual takeoff spot is only a few meters wide, I’m surrounded by trees.
When I’ve tested RTH and let it try and auto land it usually tries to make a bloody nest in the foliage before I take over and this is with 20+ Sats - the Spark on the other hand can land smack bang in the middle of the landing pad with PL :man_shrugging:


I’m amazed it’s not included too - I’m sure a future firmware update will sort this though :+1:


So . Would you say that you had a bit of a Buttock Clentching moment ?


Naaah, worst that would of happened is a bit of hedge trimming I’ve landed my 1st Mavic Pro with 7.25 prop blades before now, (I clipped the gutter :wink: ), it still flew fine :joy:


When I first got my Spark, about 5 days into ownership, for no discernible reason it disconnected from the controller - literally 5 meters above my head in our back garden, at this point it flew straight up and buggered off, skimming the top of 29m high trees as it flew off, next thing I know I’m chasing, (calmly walking down the road at a very fast walk), after it wondering wtf happened. I saw it initiate auto landing stopping at about 30cm above the pavement outside a neighbors house about 50m away, just as I got there. The controller still wouldn’t connect despite a restart and I had to grab the bugger and flip it to turn it off. I didn’t have a good sat lock that flight as I just wanted a quick low-level camera test, so it thought the Homepoint was 50m away.
Lesson learned - never take off with less than 10 locked sats and ALWAYS check the home point before you do anything. Not had a disconnect before or since. That’s my worst flight - just watching it fly away from me with the controller showing as disconnected was pretty grim.


Good tip!


You must be a happy bunny with the latest FW for your M2. :smiley:

I’ve had mine just over a month (had to check) and done 32.9km . Seeing you distance, I had to go check! :stuck_out_tongue: Many more KM’s to come :slight_smile:


btw 140km’s…Ruddy hell I really got to up my average distances per flight…I’ve flown 41 times!!! My M2P is living a very sheltered life! #grounded