Jello reduction tips?

Seems more Jello than is reasonable, which I think you can see easily in this 20 second clip.

I’m flying a Diatone 349 on 3s 650s. Does anyone have any ideas?

With thanks


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Hmmm maybe bent props…they’re s little out of shape. I’ll try a new set…

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Yep! Sorted. Emergency over

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Also worth getting some ND filters for the caddx turtle v2, ND8 and ND16 are available for ~£10, use the ND8 on cloudy days and ND16 when its sunny, will make a huge difference to the jello and picture quality.

Thanks! I was wondering if I’d finally bought everything. :money_mouth_face:

No such thing I’m afraid always something else worth getting :slight_smile:

Just put through my order with banggood for antenna and filters. Is it worth getting an external antenna for that taranis x lite? …I’m just loving this whole experience of flying and looking forward to not having drop outs. I’m finding landing soooo difficult when you’ve got the lens angled up and all you can see is sky. I put it in angle mode and just drop down with my fingers crossed. That normal?

Is it failsafing? ie dropping out the sky.

No I meant signal drop outs. I still have to stay within about 200m, and trees etc play havoc with the signal so I think with better antennae I’ll get a better feed, which will be one less thing to worry about.

Are you meaning dropouts on the FPV feed?

Yes. I’ve never had a complete drop out, but come close…

Then fitting external antenna to x-lite wont make a difference as that’s control only.

You need to change the antenna on the quad vtx and your goggles.

Ah yes, I am getting new antennae for the vtx (pagoda and patch) , but I was just wondering whether the additional range I’ll get with those is going to mean that I’d have to boost the control signal as well… Or maybe the control signal is more robust?

Not really. The better antennas are better made in terms of active antenna length, material and connections. More transmitting power will definitely help though with any antenna. How many mW are you running? Bear in mind that the wavelength of 5.8ghz is around 60mm. So thick branches full of moisture will eat your signal. Also look into antenna placement. They don’t transmit and receive in all orientations. Even the omni ones. They have dead spots from the top and bottom.

I’ve upped the power to 200mw, and I’m looking forward to receiving the new antennae I ordered from bang good. Nothing is bad, but when you can mod, you mod, don’t you?

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