Joss Bay, UK

A few pics and a slow-motion video with DJI Osmo Pocket


Nice photos, what is mounted on the Osmo, is it a phone or what?

The Osmo Pocket is everything

OK I just looked it up, it is a small camera on a 3 axis gimble, pretty good stills for such a small thing, what size is the sensor?
It’s pretty expensive though. but I guess the single or double handed Feiyu gimble I got was around the same with no camera of course. I use my Canon M6 with it.

Hi @ElLobo , looks great and like a few others, I am tempted by the Osmo pocket. Was the slowmo 60fps as it seems to have recorded the sound of the waves, or have you added that as well as the music?

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Hi @BrianB, Yes it was in slowmo, but I am not sure about the fps, because there is no option to change, it just shows 1080 X4. It records the sound pretty well, but the sound of the waves in the music, that’s why I choose this song.

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I mounted an iPhone 6 plus.

Hi @SkyJumper, The Sensor 1/2.3” CMOS Effective pixels: 12M, Lens FOV:80° F2.0
Format Equivalent: 26mm

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Thanks, just checked to see that max FPS is 60 on 4K but does do 120fps on HD

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