Jubilee Bank Holiday

Anyone got anything planned flying-wise this coming bank holiday weekend?

Especially @group-fpv ???

Sunday I’ll be at Drone Circle and Saturday is taken with family stuff. But Thursday and Friday are potentially available.

Will know about Thursday later today, am trying to sort something, Friday out. Sunday at drone circle too

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Hoping to have the Nazgul back in the air imminently, and possibly the 18650 Nano. No plans Thu/Fri as yet.

Should be free Sunday, but drone circle is a bit far. Maybe

Willington then?! :joy::joy::joy::joy:

It’s a good old day and they have power (generator there) and space. Worth it. Was there from 10 till 19:00 last week lol. How far is it for you?

Oooh 90 miles. 1:45. Yeah. Check weather if you do lol

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I do need to try my little wing with the pro’s

Did you see my video of my maidens… Lol time for 3S on Sunday! Lots of planes there :wink:

Weather OK for now!

But for how long :see_no_evil:

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Friday is daughter’s wedding, told not to take the drone (outdoor venue and “photos are more than sorted”) but it’ll be in the car boot just in case.

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Deja vu :laughing:



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I’m not going cos I’m saving my shit up for next weekend.
@Steviegeek I’ll bring my pasteboard table for a repair station. With my poundland reading glasses

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