Jump fit

Eldest asked me to film her bounce class.
I was hoping to use the Air2s, worked out distances from public access and everyfing and was clear to fly where they were exercising. Filled out RA, done it all proper-like, then found out that there were others on site and not involved!

Glad I took the Mini 2

Music was from the dance instructor NOT MY CHOICE !


I’m exhausted now lol

Looks like good fun and a good way of exercising - Fun video :smiley:

Mrs @McSteamy2010 is into this too


Nice one Keith :+1:t4: You will have to get yourselves some boots and join in :wink:

You supply the oxygen and standby ambulance and I’ll do the first 30 seconds, probably fall off the bloody things long before that!


Haha! My wife loves it and does it 3 times a week. Nutter! Not even out of breath! 🤦🏽

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I’d love to have a go, but I don’t think the springs would be strong enough to give my weight any bounce. Probably go - boing - boing - snap :smiley:

One boing more than me!

Don’t apologise for the music, it went well with the subject and brought a wee smile to my face along with the video, well done. My wife and eldest do roller Derby and have started dropping hints at getting some video of their team in competition but I’m reluctant. I took this up as as a pleasure/hobby for myself. Sounds bad, but when I started photography many moons ago family and friends started realising I wasn’t too bad, I also had my own darkroom so prints for them were cheap. Getting me to do graduations, weddings, birthdays and do all the prints took the fun out of it for me, dont think I’ll ever do a commission again

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Quote at £500 for a half day, you’d be surprised how many will pay if your work is of a standard.