Jumping off Cliffs - and other vertigo-inducing things

Hello all
Was having some fun in North Wales last week and was working on ways to improve the good old ‘Straight Down Shot’.
Played around with some camera pitch movements and drone yaw to give the experience of jumping off the waterfall and cliffs, so it seemed a good enough set of clips to use in a short video.
Happy Flying :slight_smile:



This is great Ian ! Thank you

Another Great Video Ian

Cheers guys! This was good fun… :slight_smile:


Thanks @ianinlondon, it creates a great effect!

Next week I’ll be at Beachy Head. There may be updraft coming up the cliff off the sea that will affect the drone (Air 2), but

  1. Is there a safe height (close to ground level I’ll take off from) at which to fly off the grass over the cliff
  2. Will the GPS get confused by the loss of ground?
    Thanks, Simon.

Updrafts unlikely to affect the Air 2. It handles wind very well.
GPS unaffected by height. If you descend over cliff, you will see negative height as it’s relative to take off point. Again, no issue.
Have fun :grinning:


Great video Ian :+1: