Just done my first tpu print

Sacha wanted to use my Gopro hero 10 on his fpv.
ABS and PLA, which i had were too rigid obviously. So bought some TPU and had a do last night. Got up to this, this morning. For a first shot with TPU im quite please. Would need to do some more tweaking though.


Battery mount for Sachas Goggles V2. As he has a wide headstrap I’ve designed this from the ground up as the one on thingiverse was for a narrow strap.

Printed in TPU.


suggest slowing the print down as it looks like it’s suffering from not being given enough time to cool (the holes)

problem with tpu

Thanks. I’m still messing with settings to get rid of stringing. Getting there. They’re not perfect circles on the model they go through at an angle, the model was printed with the right hand side on the bed as the base and the left was the top.

ah, I’m not sure that the stringing can be solved as you flexible just is a sticky filament when hot, and retraction settings sometimes can be detrimental to the cold filament (check the tension settings of the extruder wheels)

depending upon which slicer you are using there is also a setting for the extruder nozzle to follow the shape or pattern during rapid movements so it does not just go from a to b.

I couldn’t print tpu with a Bowden extruder setup but with direct drive not had a problem

Yeah I’ve had great results with TPU with next to no stringing

@stevesb First thing to do is turn down the temp

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What temp are you running at.

210° - 215°

I started with 220 with this green filament as recomended. Dropped down to 215 onbthe last print, running one at 210 at the moment. I’ll see how that goes.
I also upped my retraction from .5 to .8 which seems to have helped.


I also print TPU at a lower speed of 40mm/s

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6mm? That seems so counterintuitive, thats virtually unloading the filament. I’ll give it a shot later :woozy_face:.
The only other difference seems to be cooling i have my fan set @ 50%

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Wow…my retraction is 2mm at 40mms…fokoos odin…try dropping temp a bit …have you done temperature tower

That looks like PLA, not TPU?


Here’s a print of the same Runcam mount you did.

250mm/s .6mm retract 220°c there was a touch of stringing. Black mark is residue pla. :face_vomiting:

This is the avata battery mount i printed at the same settings.

It was horrendous for stringing.

This is the same battery mount at 215° .8mm retraction 250mm/s the stringing was considerably less.

And here fresh off the printer with only the supports pulled off. Printed at 150mm/s 210° and .8mm retaction is a gropro mount.

Way too fast, slow down and up the retraction

Do a temp tower and a retraction test

@stevesb moved the posts here as it keeps them all together

Have a go at printing this, I will do one as well

Im just doing a temp tower. Then I’ll get one done.
Temp tower has 20 min to go.
What settings you going to use.
Cheers for moving this makes sense

The ones I posted I always use

It’s come out ok but the spring is not perfect

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My temp tower

100mm/s. Retraction 1.2

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So using my settings of
210° 100mm/s 1.2mm retraction
Left after supports ripped off :man_facepalming:
Right printed without supports

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