Just for fun - First video vs Last video

So the other day I celebrated my first anniversary as a drone owner and pilot. I thought it might be fun to share the first video I made with my Mavic Mini alongside the latest video I shot with the Mini 2, and invite others to do the same.

The first video makes pretty painful viewing now to be honest, but it does make me feel like I’ve made at least some progress in the last 12 months! :joy:

Here’s the first video shot on the Mini 1 near my home in Norfolk:

And here’s the latest one shot with the Mini 2 at Saltburn-by-the-Sea in Yorkshire:

Looking forward to seeing what you guys come back with :+1:


Second one is a cracking vid mate. Liking that. It’s amazing how much we learn just by doing. You can watch all the videos in the world but nothing beats or comes close to the learning experience of actually flying, and occasionally getting it wrong!


My 1st video on Mavic Mini from last summer, I actually quite like this one.The same day I also made a strange black & white video of the missus burning stuff in the garden, set to some funky rock music.

I got very cautious with my flying after this! I was a bit complacent with the drones ability and when it failed to hold position due to losing GPS under the thick sea arch I quickly learned my own ability to control the drone unaided was quite poor!

Latest. Quite a dull subject and a bit long tbh but a nice shot of the river through the bridge towards the end. Same music as your new one unfortunately! I think you’re okay though, your vid is really good, I really liked the scan along the beach huts and the view of the surfers.

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Like chalk and cheese, We have all come a long way since our first video.

Do you mean to say you weren’t a fan of the overexposed field in the first video…? :joy:

Thanks very much - appreciate it :+1:

There’s some really good footage there. Lovely location. I did think for a minute you were going to brave going under the bridge at the end!

Yeah, that music seems to keep cropping up at the moment. I need to explore beyond the front page at BenSound…

It’s really interesting to see how people have come on both in terms of flying and editing. Cheers for sharing :+1:

Nicely done beautiful sunlight well captured :+1::ok_hand::clap: