Just Spotted This Multi Charger on Amazon!


Ideal if like me you have multiple models of drones to charge batteries.
Better than having to buy one for each drone !!
Charges Phantom 3, Phantom 4, Mavic Air, Mavic Pro, Spark

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No reviews yet… are you going to be the first to buy? :slight_smile:

I’ve got a single 100W Phantom 4 charger that charges my Mavic Pro batteries, MP controller, iPhone, CrystalSky and Titan Atlas kit. It basically charges everything I own :blush:

Can you get an adaptor to make the Phantom charger fit the Spark hub?

Btw, that to charger is £13 quid cheaper on eBay :+1:


yes, your right it seems cheaper, but, I bet you get lumbered with Import Tax !,
Plus, you have to specify 4 cables or 8, which takes the price up to nearly £44 !.
I’ d stick with Amazon, especially as I am a Prime Member !.
Does not say that it charges ALL batteries types at the same time.
I does show in the Mavic Pro Battery picture ALL battery lights charging.
Just gonna see if I can message them, to see if it does.
My bet is that it only charges One P4/P3 at a time, judging by the leads I see in the description !.
It probably charges them according to battery power remaining.

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If it will charge the Crystalsky as well as Air batteries it’d save me space.