Just wondering if this is average?

Got my MM in late November thanks to advice from fellow GADC members. I just checked my AirData overall flights/distance and it tells me that overall distance stands at 48km and flights come in at 115. Longest time in the air was over 20mins. Is this average??
Not really a biggie, just wondering



I’ve got logged 127 flights
totalling 165 Km’s
longest flight being 18min 54secs
longest flight distance 7.407Km, (not distance from homepoint)
on a Mavic PRO (1)

Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks @Steviegeek but I was wondering about MM’s in particular!!! Should have made that clearer in the First place!!

I think you did
But nobody answered so I did, can’t have you being lonely and isolated at the moment HAHA :smile:

Hah, I’m having a whale of a time with all this self isolation thing. Currently trying to perfect the art of self pickling. Only essential required is alcohol. No worries in this household. Thanks though :grin: