JY Drone APP controls

Hi guys, thought I would ask on here as there is such a mixed bunch of users on here.
I bought a play drone it is branded as a toysky s162 but is much (the same) as an Eachine E520S, weighs 242g and flys well, 4K camera is not DJi but pretty good.
I am using the JY drone App and all connects etc but my problem is that when I push the control sticks like throttle and let go where it should just stop and hold of the pitch and stop it keeps going ! ie if I accelerate andd let go it should stop climbing but it just keeps going, it must be a setting that I am missing anyone know which or how ?
Apart from that it flys well and am happy with it for a cheap drone.

GPS sats locked 16 all calibrated and beeps phone is connected just this issue.

it sounds like a setting, but im no familier with your drone, may be something like stick central hover. does the controller stick spring back to the centre when released, if not there may be a method of enabling it

Hi mate yes it spings back to center on both but the action continues until it is corrected…seems mad lol.

ok , it wasn’t set on one of the autofly settings ?.

No, when you start the app it seems to revert back to reset settings, every video I see as soon as they release the sticks it just hovers…mine dont lol, it seems to take the yaw etc from a before stick released setting if that makes sence.

does it hover and stays stable when you take off
if it does , if you move the forward stick does it stop when you release

you may have to adjust the sticks using the arrows , if I have the right controller.
which drone do you use?

can you post an image of your controller please

check the motion control in the settings is turned off, that may sort your problem

hi mate, I will just try and get a picture up
It just does not lock and it the general remote the chineese ones come with, drone is gps clonos as well

Had to use a stock image mate but this is it.

It might be because it’s a brushed motor drone. To perform a sudden braking manoeuvre the motors need to have a high degree of torque which is not easily achievable with a brushed motor, especially if geared and spinning largish props.

Small brushless models, such as the Mavic Mini and the Spark, and upward to the Inspire and Matrice, also use active braking on the motors, which is also used on many race and freestyle quads to improve agility.


Hi mate, I know what you are saying and makes sence but its not the case this one does not attempt to stop ! it has to be a setting, what makes it even more frustrating is the wind is just to strong to keep going and trying !

When you say it doesn’t want to stop do you mean:

  1. When you let go of the sticks it remains pitched forward until YOU level it out

  2. When you let go of the sticks it levels but continues to coast forward with its own inertia?


the first it holds its pitch until you level it out.

If its only doing it on the pitch axis is be inclined to think there’s a problem with the potentiometer on the controller. Sometimes the contact arm in these components can have too much play so when the stick returns to centre the contact does not. This is a symptom of poor quality control.


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No does it on both sticks holds the pitch and throttle.