Kiara Mohammed drone artist interview


So I just thought I’d post this as it’s the first time I’ve heard a drone photographer interviewed in a serious arts programme as a “proper” artist! I like that it changes the tone of the discussion, (but the photos seem a little vanilla to me…?

Sketches: Stories of Art and People - Series 1, Landscapes, Episode 3 - @bbcradio4


When you compare those photos to some of the photos that GADC members post here, our members blow that out of the water :blush:


I reckon a proper competition with some profile and proper prize money would be a great way to change the perception of drones. People love aerial photography and a competition exhibition of the best would deff get tones of coverage… ? What about it?


I’m afraid I’m not wealthy enough to give away bundles of cash this near to Christmas, Tom :confused:


Wait a minute…

Are you only suggesting this because you want to avenge your third place win on the Birthday competition? :rofl:


Mate, sponsorship! Gotta be a tonne of drone manufacturers and allied businesses who want to see some positive press…


It’s hard enough to get you guys a 10% discount with suppliers, there’s no way they’re gonna give stuff away :rofl:

Believe me mate, we try… :cry:


Yeah but it’s not charity, it’s an investment for them. They got to have a marketing budget. Could even hit up a corporate for their culture budget, like BP. Maybe tell Quadrilla you gonna focus on some of the countryside they be wrecking? Even arts council. Deff doable, especially for images (if not technology) that would be so media friendly? It’s amazing the people who don’t even realise drones are cameras!