Kilchurn Castle, Loch Awe & Rannoch Moor

Some drone photos I took while running some landscape photography training up at Loch Awe and Rannoch Moor.

Kilchurn Castle, Loch Awe - Mavic 3 Classic

Lochan-nah-Achlaise, Rnnoch Moor - Mavic 3 Classic 7 image pano.

Some images from Nikon Z6II.

Blackrock Cottage (probably the most photographed cottage in Scotland!)

Lagangarbh Cottage (the other most photographed cottage in Scotland!)


Kilchurn Castle


Amazing pics. Shame there wasn’t snow. :wink:

3, 6 and 10. :star_struck:

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They look stunning :star_struck:

I’m retiring :smiley:

There were a few flakes kicking about, but not much. We got to Glencoe for some final photos and I thought I’d also get the drone up. As we headed along the track it suddenly started snowing and this flew over our heads! :point_down:

Not my pics, my student grabbed them. We almost felt like we could reach out and touch it, it was that low. I’ve seen jets fly low through the glen before, but nothing that size, that low or even that slow before. Decided to keep my M3C in the bag :+1: :blush:


Nooooo, don’t do that :grinning:

Thanks, my top three too :+1: :pray:

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I’m not even going too ask you how long you’ve been in too photography, pls don’t tell me :joy:

Or at least let me get a box of tissues first !

Anyone know what type of plane that was?

please don’t ask :joy: :joy:

Guarantee I won’t :man_running:t2::dash:

Had them around here, in the past. Also quite low - not landing, but flying at about 50ft above the runway of the airport next door.

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We had a herkybird fly through Glencoe a few years back at about the same level, amazing to see… Was followed 45 s7econds later by a second one, which I managed to capture with the Canon…

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that’s what I was worried about :joy: :joy:

At least the ones in my pic were in an FRZ … but still tempted to take a pic from their level. :smiling_imp:

Had several chances, they went round several times. LOL!

Ye another amazing set John :clap: :clap: :clap:

Love them all but No.10 does it for for me - with the reflections its outstanding even by your lofty standard :+1: :+1: :+1:

if you want some good opportunities to get some real close-ups of the Atlas - get yourself down to Pembrey Country Park in South Wales - they do touch 'n go practice on the beach :flushed: :crazy_face: :grin:


Even better at Brize Norton … it’s where they’re ALL based. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Sissies land on tarmac there and you are pretty unlikely to able to stand at the side of the runaway as they takeoff/land :thinking: :man_shrugging: :crazy_face: :joy: … at Pembrey you can sit at the side of the “runway” and enjoy a quiet beer … or two :+1: :+1: :+1:

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I don’t need to spend money on travel … they zap past Southampton often enough - as pics above show. :wink: (From my garden.)

Was busy that day or I could have gone a shit load closer.

:thinking: But too close, I probably don’t have a wide-enough lens. :rofl:

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The views of the castle are well known, but it was bugging me as to where I’d seen a cool video. Then I remembered, when Hyperlapse was first available on the M2P, @callum made a superb one of the same location…

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