Kinclaven - First pano Test

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Well that was easier than expected, thanks to all the info gleaned from this forum :smile:

Now I need to work on adding better sky detail and getting rid of that black hole in the ozone layer :sweat_smile:

Which stitching software did you use?

PTGui, then into exif fixer and upload to Kuula.

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Won’t need exif fixer for Kuula - just for FB.

Might need a little tweaking to the horizon, that’s a little skewed.

… whatever that is. :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah I got the exif fixer specificaly for facebook

And upload it to Kuula as a single image (not tour)

Single Image to see the difference

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Aahhh, I see now. Cheers for the tip

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Where was it taken @mynameisjoe I’ll amend the title to make it a bit more interesting

Court Hill, Kinclaven

cheers @milkmanchris
To be fair it was just to test what I was doing was correct. I was just going to get it deleted but if it lets others that may be daunted by the task see how easy it is then leave it up. It took me more time to read through the threads than it did to do the pano, not including upload time on my flakey broadband with 0.3Mb upload speed.

ps, there’s not a badge available for uploading my first pano is there? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Well! There’s gratitude! I added the Bird’s Eye Viewer Badge to your profile 10 hours ago!

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I didnt even notice that!!! :flushed:

But thankyou kind Sir :grin:

It will have been in your notifications. :wink:

My internet at home today has been rather shite, as in intermittently working. I shall blame the lack of notification on that and not my ignorance

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That doesn’t cut the mustard, I’m afraid. Click on your avatar, top right, all your notifications are there, and new ones cause a little blue counter flag for all the new ones. :+1:


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I am set to get email and pop-up notifications too and I never noticed any coming in. Plus in my defence I have been fixing brakes on my daughter’s car all day as it failed its mot earlier, those are my excuses and I’m sticking to them :upside_down_face: