King Quad shop

Not sure if anyone has seen these on Ebay ??? im sure you have but just thought id post the link as they seem quite cheap :+1:

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I’ve used KingQuadShop before can vouch for them being legitimate :+1:t2:

Bloody hope so just brought from them :grinning:

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Bought quite a bit from them in the past. Usually quite good when others dont have stock.

Even cheaper on their own website
King Quad

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yah they dont seem to have much in though :frowning_face: that said iv just brought a new motor soldered it in powered it up and burnt it out :man_facepalming: just not having much luck at the mo. Luckily it was a cheap one so didnt hurt the pocket that much just pissed me off :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Ordered another as they only have 1 left and they seem to be an odd size at 1303.5 5500…

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i tend to use the website but have seen on ebay before.

Sounds like you are due for some good luck mate - get the lottery numbers on

Lol….I bloody wish I’ll treat u to new quad if I win :+1:t3:

And i’ll do the same mate. I’m sure one of us will get some good luck soon!

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