Kirkmabreck Old Church

Well here it is folks! My first proper flight and edited production. After buying my Air2 in July last year I only managed 9 minutes off the ground until May this year. Thats what happens with lockdowns and when you have electricity pylons all round the house and live near a prison!
This hidden gem in the hills behind Carsluith (///hydration.torch.until) has been added to Drone Scene

Comments would be welcome. I think it’s too long but I couldn’t bear to cut out any more!


Trim it to thirty seconds max or post the video (or a still photo) here: :slight_smile:

Thanks. I knew it was too long but “First Flush of Enthusiasm”!

I enjoyed it - not too long - looking forward to the next one.

Thanks for your comment. I’m working on the next 3 hour epic!

The trim to thirty seconds wasn’t a criticism! It is the competition maximum runtime for videos! :slight_smile:

I understand! I still think there is one POI too many, but it fits the music!