Lacock Abbey by DJI Mini2

This is my first post here. Visited Lacock Abbey yesterday on our day trip to capture some autumn colours in the Cotswolds

Lacock Abbey, Wiltshire

Lacock Abbey is known as the birthplace of photography made famous by William Henry Fox Talbot who invented the salted paper and calotype processes, precursors to photographic processes of the later 19th and 20th centuries.

It was an incredible moment for me to capture this historic site that laid the foundation of modern-day non-digital photographic prints.


The first photograph by Fox Talbot:

Saw this one and all other documents and devices. It was amazing

I studied photography at Manchester Polytechnic. Lacock was a village I passed through whenever I drove home to Dorset. I knew the importance of the Abbey to the history of photography.

Never stopped to visit! :frowning:


Definitely recommend a visit next time. The Abbey, the village, and the parkland around the abbey are beautiful for photography and dronography

Many Many years ago I also visited Lacock, and because there was a no photography policy at the Museum I went armed with a little rank mamiya rangefinder 35 mm camera with a silent shutter, unfortunate for me the then Curator saw me taking a photo and came over to talk to me, his name was Mr Lassam. Thought I was in trouble but he said hello and was very interested in my old camera as he said they had the exact same model in the Museum. A very approachable man full of enthusiasm for his job. After telling him that I was a working pro photographer working for the Army he invited me into his office where we spoke all things photography , he showed me a gold plated Nikon think it was a F3 that was taken too the moon but the highlight was handling FoxTalbots original negatives and mousetrap cameras. What a lovely man. It is a place that everyone with an interest in photography should bust. I am now nearly 80 and think this happened in my late 20’s but my memories of this place are still very vivid, cheers Len

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That is a brilliant example of autumn colours, well done.

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Terrific photograph, I love the composition as the river takes the eye to the Abbey.

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Thanks for sharing your experience. Loved this place and will be going back again with bit more time in hand

Thanks for your comment.

Thanks. you are right about the idea behind the composition