Lake District with mini 2

Hi .Few min. footage , from 4 weeks ago ,again Lake District area .Enjoy great sunrise and views. :mountain: :metal: Music done by me .Thanks for watching !!!


Really nicely done.

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Thank You Mark :raised_hands: :mountain:

@Jar - some slick flying and editing skills on display there - nice job :clap: :clap: :clap:

Thanks for your comment John !! :raised_hands: :mountain: :pray:

Another stunning video Oakmyst, well done! :+1: :clap: :clap:

Thank you John :raised_hands: :pray: :mountain: Greetings !!!

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That’s a surreal effect 2:32-2:38 if you look at the reflection change in the water whilst the drone is moving to the shore!

great set of shots!

I like this shot with reflection too :slight_smile: Thanks Alan . :raised_hands: :mountain:

Awesome video, some great flying and music is perfectly suited, great work. I want to walk that ridge now lol

Great footage! Was in the Lake District last week, such an amazing area

I highly recommended Striding Edge ,so you have to go there :slight_smile: Thanks for your comment !! :raised_hands: :mountain:

Thanks Sam :raised_hands: .Yes, it is great place for a visit :mountain:.Greetings !!

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Yeah looks awesome, a bit like The Carn mor dearg arete at Ben Nevis! If I can leave my Scottish mountains for one weekend that will be first one the list lol