Lancaster Bomber

Been out today and on the way back home called into the Humber Bridge car park to use the toilets. On walking back to the car I heard the unmistakable sound of Merlin engines. Luckily had my camera with me. :smiley:


Great spot, last time I saw them flying was a few years back at the Southport airshow.

Every time I hear and see a Lancaster, Spitfire or Hurricane I get goosebumps…

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I love that plane. Like you say, goose bump inducing.

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Hopefully nobody was drone flying the Humber Bridge at the time ….


Some nice pictures there…

Great catch @Rezzmo :smiley:

Only a matter of time before those two birds in the background show up on an Airprox report claiming to be a Phantom 4 eh @FPVUK ? :smiley: