Lapel Mic recommendation?

Hi all,

The OH is a teacher and was thinking now we (I) have the DJI Mini 2 we could do some educational videos in regards water, quarries (yeah I know) and other geography/history stuff that instead of pulling up already created YouTube videos she could make her own and get across her points properly.

Anyway, I’m assuming the best way to do this cheaply is lapel mic her up to her phone and then whack it all together in some video editing software.

So any recommendations? Also taking into account I might wish to do the same down the line but would only have the one phone on me (unless I get a cheap one) which would be the iPhone that’s already connected to the drones controller and no headphone jack on these latest iphones.

So in short, can anyone recommend a lapel mic that would:

  1. Be compatible with an Android phone (honestly no idea if she has a headphone jack, let’s assume not)
  2. iPhone that has no headphone jack and would be connected to the controller if I decided to do a solo walk and talk and didn’t want to use the screen recorder with audio option because my head will be too far away from the mic for the quality to be any good)
  3. any other type of solution that’s not overly expensive that doesn’t require a phone

Hi @ensignvorik

The controller has no option to record audio directly. The cheapest way would be using a Lavalier lapel mic, either wired or wireless. One solution to the no jack on the iPhone would be to buy a dirt cheap Android phone and use it solely for voice recordings. Of course this would then have to be edited into the video footage in post using video editing software.

Alternatively there is this but again, cannot be connected to the phone your using with the controller

Or this, which you could but it’s more expensive.

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Not cheap but Airpods are excellent for this very thing

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I’ve just ordered this mic [] I have it on good recommendation that it’s amazing value for money and the user reviews are good. Not in the Sennheiser/AKG/Sony league, but good enough for most non-professional uses. I doubt it’ll be as well built as a pro mic and need careful handling. At that price quality control won’t be as good either, but Amazon are excellent with DOA returns.
It should work fine into most Android phones.
At the weekend I’ll test it against a couple of RODE mics I have and a Zoom recorder.
Another option for voice overs is a mic plugged straight into a computer or laptop.

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Some good options so far that don’t break the bank. So much of that stuff on Amazon, that yeah, I just wondered about recommendations rather than going in blind. So thanks for the suggestions so far. I’m also an idiot. I have AirPod Pros and that totally passed me by, so will trial recording my own voice while filming scenery but for recording the OH walking and talking on the footpath next to a lake or something would rather avoid them as will look silly, but tbf can probably hide them behind her hair but she’ll probably complain they are uncomfortable.

@OldSoulBoy amazing how a cheap android headset is cheaper than some of these wireless solutions, no doubt someone i know probably has one lying around in a draw anyway that I can take off their hands too.

Look forward to hearing your feedback @rhossydd on the £10 mic. Looks great value for money.


Finally had some time to do some testing.

I compared the Gyvazla lavalier, Rode Video mic, Rode gun mic, Zoom H4n recorder and as a base line my phone. The separate mics into the Zoom recorder.
I evaluated the recordings with a pair of good Sennheiser headphones playing out from Audacity.

Overall I prefer the slightly more open sound from the Rode Video mic, but my wife, who voiced the test recordings, preferred the Gyvazla lavalier. I was also pretty amazed at how good the basic Motorola G6 phone sounded when just left on the table.

As a personal mic the Gyvazla does an amazingly good job for the money. I’m sure most people will be very pleased with it’s performance and sound. It works well into my Android phone as a standalone recorder.

It comes with a couple of adaptors and you’ll need to try out to find which, if any, you need for your devices. The 3.5mm four ring TRRS connectors used in phones can be wired in two different ways and it won’t work without an adaptor if your phone is wired in one configuration. From the Amazon reviews this catches out a lot of people that can’t be bothered to read the instructions. Trial and error will work fine though.
Good of them to include all the adaptors you could need.
Build quality seems very good, but I’ll still be gentle with it.
The foam windshields are better than nothing, but not as good as a ‘dead cat’ type windshield in windy conditions. I assume they expect these mics to be mainly used indoors when wind isn’t an issue. If you’re going to use it outside I’d suggest investing a suitable ‘dead cat’ windshield.
One minor annoyance is that the casing of the 3.5mm plug is a relatively large diameter, this means that my phone case had to be modified to allow it to fit.

Hope this helps