Laptop for Editing


Anyone know a bargain laptop I can get for editing video footage from my DJI phantom 4?

If you can indicate what size budget you’re working with it would help.

“Bargain” is relative.


£500 budget, i have a mac book pro but its about 4 year old and slow

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I don’t think you’ll better a 5 year old MBP on your budget.

Have you maxed out the RAM and does it has SSD?


I think @milkmanchris is probably right. The reason I said that the word Bargain was relative is because it’s wide open to interpretation. As an example I consider my Dell XPS15 9570 (i7, 16MB, 512SSD, dual Intel650 and Nvidia 1050ti GPU’s, 4K Adobe true colour touch screen) to be a bargain. I bought a refurb unit, from a Dell authorised reseller, which had only been in service for two weeks, and was supplied with a full Dell 5yr warranty. It arrived in the original packing and indistinguishable from a new laptop, but only cost 55% of the original new price but twice your quoted budget. This does lead me to wonder how much these resellers actually pay for corporate bulk purchases and still able to turn a profit. :thinking: