Largest capacity MicroSD card the Mavic Pro can use?

May have been asked previously, but what is the largest capacity micro sd card can the Mavic Pro take. I am currently using a sandisk 64gb extreme pro, but wanted to see if I can put something bigger in it.

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As far as i am aware (i may be wrong)

But i think 64gb is the limit for the MP

Has anyone tried Huawei Pro plus cards, they are U3 and seem relatively cheap

Thats what I have at the moment

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That’s from the manuel for the MP

I’ve used a 128 to check it works … but I see no benefit.
You have to change batteries way before you can fill up a card … so why not change the card and make sure you don’t lose what you’ve already recorded?
I have several 64s - and they rarely get to half full.

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That’s always been my thoughts as well. Got a stack of 32GB cards.

Think I’ll need to rethink that strategy doing hyperlapse on M2P though.

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Ok thanks, changing the card when changing the battery sounds a good idea, thanks for that.

Thanks @raider64 and @callum


Have you checked to see if it writes over 64GB on the 128GB card?

I know it was happily reporting the correct time remaining that could be recorded.
I seem to recall my attempt to record the full capacity was interrupted by a failed cooling fan after just a couple of minutes.
It was correctly formatted by the MP for the full capacity.

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Yes - I looked back - the failing fan was the reason I never completed that test. I’ll do it again and complete it.

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OK - loaded up a new Temp subfolder in the root of a 128Gb card so that there was only 2GB remaining … and the MP happily recorded into the remaining space - reporting the remaining space correctly.

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Thanks for confirming :+1:

I’ve just formatted, but I’ll leave it in and not re-format until it’s getting really full again, to double check. But I can’t see it will be any different.

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I’ve read all the answers… as others have said 128GB is compatible.

I prefer using 2x 128gb personally… why?

  • Less fiddly onsite, changing in the field = risk of loss
  • More wear and tear
  • Less chance of a full card wen you go out :slight_smile:


That’s as much 4k as you can record with 15 batteries!

I’ll give you a prize if you manage to fill a 64Gb in one normal day.

So cheap now too :slight_smile:

But the fact that a 64GB lasts anyone more than all day means that all 3 of your previous arguments are invalid. :wink:

But - that is a good price. But I already have 3 … and don’t (normally) use them in the MP.
I have about 12 x 64Gb … “kicking about” … a bulk purchase in Italy when my “media backup” (aka laptop) died on me … 5 weeks into a 3 month driving/camping holiday.

Fair comment about 64gb lasting a day, but you reminded of me of 2 more reasons to go large

  1. I assign a card each to drone, gopro, osmo pocket, and try not to mix up, more cards would do my head in

  2. I’m lazy :joy: