Laser designs - so far

It was not long before “Drone fever” interfered with my laser engraving designs.

So first of all a slate coaster.

Then looking at my case it looked a bit bare, so a leather patch along the same design.

Just need to stick it on now, here in place.

I expect there will be more to follow!


Given how often DJI release a new model - and how often people “upgrade” I would advise self-adhesive velcro tape as the means of securing it.

Having said that no doubt the Mini 5 won’t first a Mini 4 case when announced. Or take the same batteries. :frowning:

I can possibly see Suzanne @AlbionDrones getting ideas. :grin:

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Yup, thats very nice, but I’ll stick with doing it manually, cant justify buying a laser - or rather the yorkshireman I am married to has short arms and long pockets :wink:


My first thought is this this: Do you really to advertise that you are carrying around hundreds of pounds worth of the latest equipment.

Most people are not interested - but thieves will be.

Isn’t everyone nowadays carrying a grand in their pocket ?

True, but I can choose to have the case with the patch inwards, depending how I position the shoulder strap.

Also, having cases advertising their content is quite normal.

But, being sensible is the main thing here, short journey from Car boot to fly zone and back again, then home would be the normal journey.
Not kept on the back seat of the car or paraded around with a huge “Oh look at me” attitude.

Same applies to my Lowepro camera bag, twice the size and value but kept in mind where ever.

Those colours on the second image really stand out and bring the whole image to life, very nicely done.

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When I was in the building trade and cash was king…yes.

What about your phone?

To be honest here I view a phone as just that, to talk to people, oh and a sat nav as well.
I hate trying to view a small screen and navigate a phone keyboard with sausage fingers.
Hence I have a sub £150 3 year old Xiaomi phone.

But each to their own.