Launch pad for DJI Mini 3 Pro

Any suggestions on a small-as-possible launch platform for this little drone?

It has such stumpy legs that it will foul grass on anything wilder than a bowling green. I’ve tried launching it from the FlyMore bag which is one option but it is a bit small. I don’t fancy launching from my hand (although I’m finding that’s a good way of landing).

I have a helipad which I used for my Mavic 2 Pro, but (a) it’s too big to carry around; (b) as the Mini 3 doesn’t have precision landing, having a huge H in a field is unnecessary. What are others using?

If I can’t find a good bit of ground to take off from I have started to use my hand, I find it’s easier if your controller is on a lanyard.

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@annomess try here:

And here:

But as @markas suggests, hand launching is best for all DJI Spark and Mini drones. This may also help :blush:


The day is always better with an Aldryn Estacio video.

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Thanks. General consensus seems to be hand launching although I’m still a little unsure about the safety aspects in the event of something misbehaving…

Most of the landing pads reviewed there were too big for this drone. Looks as though improvising something may be the way to go. Or maybe the “Kumfie” mat as it is only 38x29cm.

Or laminate a sheet of A4 to a design of your own


Or use a car mat


As others have said use hand launch and landing.

It may feel a bit intimidating to start with but give it plenty of practice and you won’t go back to ground TOAL.

I would suggest putting the drone just above head height a meter or so in front of you and pointing away from you so the controls are aligned with the drone.

Walk up to the drone and extend your hand palm up. If you get too close it might jump up. Don’t worry about that. Just make sure you keep your palm flat and central under the drone. Push the down stick until it lands on your palm. It will shut down shortly after landing.

There are youtube videos readily available demonstrating the techniques for TOAL by hand.

If you are really concerned you might want to wear leather gloves initially as the prop blades can give you a nasty cut.

If you persevere and master the hand TOAL you will never go back.


I use a dog cooling mat. Heavy enough not to need pinning down. Worked well on beach. About £8.

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This folds up into a bag:

Yoga mat cut to size

Depending on the location, frequently I use the roof of my car.

Extra points using one of these.


Hi, I am new to drone flying but do use a hand held launch because of this issue. I just gently pinch the body and press ‘take off’ to let the unit pulliyself away from my hand. No throwing or doubt about when itll go itself. If you’re doing a catch and turn upside down to kill the motors the take off is the same hold but in reverse order. Go for it!

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Here’s the listing on Amazon for a small landing mat. Folds very easily with a carry bag. About the size of a large dinner plate when folded. £14 when I bought it last year.

Amazon:— Drone Landing Pad, Dji Spark Accessories Universal Waterproof Portable Drone Landing Pad, Folding for Mavic Mini/DJI Mavic Pro Phantom 2/3/4 Pro etc

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For the lazy:

I also have one of these. I’ll be damned if I know what I’ve done with it, though. :rofl:

I have one of those already and it was great for the Mavic 2 Pro especially with its precision landing. However now I’ve up(down)graded to the Mini 3 Pro it’s all about weight and bulk - the landing pad + pegs + case weigh 360g (for a 249g drone) and having condensed my drone kit to the tiny “Fly More” bag, adding this lump of extra stuff feels all wrong!

Looks as though I’ll need to be braver on hand-launching (and using my car roof); then the additional weight is zero :slight_smile: and some of the other suggestions were also very compact.

This is the type I went for because it folds easily and stays put with the down draught of the drone.
Its size when folded makes it easy to pack away.
Not sure if it will fit the mini 2 bag though. I bought a small camera ruck sack for carrying the kit + some! and I still forget stuff…


I think the circular folding blue+orange pad is the exact same one:

AliExpress £3.96
Amazon £13.99

But to be quite fair, the Amazon one might arrive two months sooner.


But to be quite fair, the Amazon one might arrive two months sooner.

… and you can send it back easily if it falls apart when you open it. I was a great Aliexpress fan until a run of crap products from sellers who never answered when I asked for a refund. Always worth trying there though - it’s the same products.

Mouse Mat. £3.59

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