What is the best landing mat?

Can anyone recommend a good landing / take off mat? I don’t want to spend £60 on a weighted one, but around the £20 mark?


You post title asks for the best, but your post content has a budget defined :blush:

How big is your drone?

I have one of these, or the very many clones, which I use with my Mavic Pro:

£10 quid :man_shrugging:t2:

For the Inspire, I have a very large, heavy, mat.

A lot of people just use a car rubber floor mat. Very cheap, rolls up nice, heavy enough to press the grass down.


Curious Rich, does this fold down tiny? Is it good quality? I guess for a tenner I’m asking a lot lol

I was reluctant to get a mat myself and then when I went out the other week the ground was wet and muddy with overgrown grass and concerned I’ll be replacing the props frequently if I’m not careful

It folds flat, and small enough to fit in a ruck sack. Guess that depends on your definition of tiny :slight_smile:

It’s a few years old, zero issues to report.

If you place it on wet grass it will absorb some moisture so when I get home I always open it up and let it naturally air dry, rather than risk mould :grimacing:


I too use one of these for my Mavics. And a landing mat is always a good idea for the mavics that have bottom sensors as they will improve the accuracy of the RTH as they scan the ground below themselves and generates an image and they use this image for the precision return to home function :+1:t2:


Agreed, I always use the side which is the most opposite contrasting colour to the surrounding area :slight_smile:


That’s tiny enough, normally carry a rucksack of some sort on my hikes with the drone in, a jacket and some GoPro stuff but there’s still room for this hopefully

Also good to know. Bit like a tent after a weekend camping in the uk then :laughing:


Never thought of that, onto Amazon I go

Ha ha! Good point - maybe it should read ‘What is the best landing mat for a budget?!
For Mini 2, i have tried the car mat on the floor, but taken with the idea that mats contrasting to the surrounding area are better.

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Here you go:

This is mine folded up in its bag with a Pepsi can for size comparison.


We should have a competition, who can fold one of these up the fastest and put it in the bag!! lol


I use this mat too, well worth the money.

I’m using this got a bit of weight in it also comes with it’s own pouch.


That’s the perfect standard. Measuring device there :grin: did the trick. Cheers

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Ohhhh I’m an absolute Ninja master at this now. Got it down to 15 minutes 9 seconds!


I use the PGYTECH Landing Pad Pro. Easy to fold, comes with bag. Also easy to clean etc. £22.90 from Amazon.

I’ve ordered this one, comes tomorrow and should get chance to try out on Saturday,

£9.99 and good reviews!


I’m with @PingSpike.
Not that I’m tight coz I’m not, it’s just I always have a “car mat” in the car, which is normally by the side of me. Also, they roll up pretty nice on the rucksack.

I’ve used the carpet out of the boot before now.


I have some of this stuff in the bag. Rolls or folds up neatly, can be doubled over and being thin & tacky, sits on most surfaces.

This is the one I’ve got for the mavic pro.
Folding it up to go back in the bag was a bit of an operation at first.