Legislation in the USA

This is interesting I thought. I quote from this press release of July 20, 2018 . . .

“Congress has provided the FAA with exclusive authority to regulate aviation safety, the efficiency of the navigable airspace, and air traffic control, among other things.”

And . . .

“Cities and municipalities are not permitted to have their own rules or regulations governing the operation of aircraft.”



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Hasn’t it always been like that? :thinking:

Did some regions have the authority to override the FAA?!

This is one I’ve been keeping an eye on as I go over there quite a bit. Basically this is another example of something that happens from time to time & it’s not limited to drones: states overreaching themselves. The FAA got tired of various states passing laws governing airspace use - particularly around drone usage and issued a press release to put them back in their box.

Basically, be aware. The state law might not actually apply in your case if you find yourself on the wrong side of it, but they are probably going to have a serious go at making it apply to you & see how far you’re willing to push it.

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