Leven beach with the mini 2

Down at leven beach today with the mini 2

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@Dave3 thanks for your post, interesting to see the landing as I was thinking ‘don’t land on the sand’ Did you have it on cine mode?

Hi Steve

I tried all 3 modes ,the one going along side of the waves was in sport mode and the one coming in from the forth to the beach was cine


Just to let you know Steve that the footage was only taken from a recording from my mobile ,I’ve still to down load the clip in 4K from the micro sd card in the drone :grinning:

That’s really interesting, to be honest I was wondering if this was the quality you get from the camera onboard. I am yet to fly my own drone with video (I have flown and done some video using my brothers Mini 2 but have not seen the results) I have seen some excellent stuff from the Mini 2. I hope you post the 4K version. Thank you @Dave3

I hope to post some clips from the micro sd card in 4K this weekend ,weather permitting :grinning:

The mini 2 is the first drone I have ever owned and can honestly say it’s fantastic and very user friendly .