Well, looking for a moment of levity, I’m going back through all of the different types of footage I have -
(I keep everything :man_facepalming: ) - to see just how many crashes, near misses and sheer bad luck I’ve captured on video - There looks to be a fair bit so far :rofl:

I think I may spend a bit of time putting a crash-reel together :+1:

Anyone else?


Not really, but then I only have my MM since November with only one minor incident :grin:


Im saying nowt :joy: :joy: about MY flying "incidents:

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I’m not gonna talk one up !.


I’ve got some and I just put them down as part of learning to fly :scream::joy:

My Mavic is quite safe, it’s not been out of the box yet and I bought it last November :grin:

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What ??? This has gotta be a “Victor Meldrew” moment - " I don’t belieeeeeve it"

Got to own up to having the same with my Mavic Mini, not been flow ,yet?

The weather has been so dreadful since I bought it, either windy, raining or both. Yesterday was a beautiful day albeit a bit windy, but now we have the dreaded plague and told not to go out. Could be many months with the way things are going before it’s possible to fly the drone. Stay safe chaps, better safe than sorry.

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Keep safe and hope you are feeling better soon.
Just look forward to those empty parks and fields in the future weeks.

Hi, you do what you think best, I self-isolated at the club field for two hours yesterday all by myself, nobody for at least a mile
Great fun and safe :+1::+1::+1:
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m lost for words…