Lifthor v3


Hey guys and gals!
I am wanting to buy a mounting system for my iPad to use with M2P I like the way the lifthor sits behind and above the controller and doesn’t block the controllers screen. The only thing I have an issue with is the hefty price tag, I know buy cheap buy twice but I wonder if there is anything similar on the market at a lower price.

Any one know of anything

Best regards


This is one I hadn’t seen before so I had to Google it, this bloke doesn’t think much of it.

I now use a Mavmount but had a Chinese copy before, not that you can see the controller screen with that though.


What’s the balance like on the controller? I have a feeling that it’s going to feel quite awkward with it mounted on the front


Mine is over the controller, not really noticed the balance as I’m used to flying a Phantom and Inspire so the iPad is above in a similar position.
Not used the Mavmount since it arrived last week, good old Welsh weather :unamused:


have you got a link to the Chinese copy one so i can have a look?


I just bought the LifThor V4 sif standard… to use with an iPad Pro 10.5´´ … the balance is quite good. Here the link, from HobbyMounts , around £60 if this one can interest you.


I should have said a copy of the Mavmount, not identical but did the job.


I have one of these and found it really good, especially for the money.

I think I got mine on eBay, can’t remember exactly how much, but nothing like the cost of the Lifthor.


I think I paid around £17-£18 from Amazon.
This is what you need.