Light Damage to Goggles - A cautionary tale

So I sort of knew that strong light can damage the screens on goggles, @speatuk told me this early on.

I’ve tried to be careful, but this happened to my DJIFPV goggles

Not sure how, where or when, but it was noticed at the big meet.

Got me googling and its not just DJI Goggles that are affected, so I checked the manual and no where does it say to keep them away from strong light so I thought I would raise a ticket with DJI (mine are March 2021, but they come with a 2 year warranty apparently), anyway off they went to Holland last Tuesday, and without question they have agreed to fix under warranty.

I’ll be even more careful now.


Oooh your lucky. Fatshark tell you everytime you open the case

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My smartphone goggles has suffered from this as well. There are 2 dots of burned pixels on my smartphone screen… Don’t know when it happened, probably early on when I started using them outside. I have a tendency to rest them on the floor or case with lens facing up whilst I change the battery of the drone (not the best practice when flying outside, specially when the sun is out).
Its the same principle as when you use the magnifying glass to burn ants… ahm ahm scorch wood with sunlight…

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Good result getting them repaired under warranty :+1:t2:

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I think cst3x6 has hit the nail on the head.

This is why I keep my goggles on top of my head when not using them.

I don’t do this all the time, only when I’m out flying! You won’t catch me out shopping with them on the top of my head!

Update, all fixed and with UPS in NL.


Great to hear of such service @milkmanchris . I do try and keep aware of this and fortunately not had any issues yet (my Meta Quest 2 is the same). I’ve ever turned peoples goggles over/covered them up when seen them exposed! Expensive things to mess up!

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I remember a mate of mine asking a dollybird what she would think if he walked around with specs attached to his arse.lke she walked around with them on top of her head…you should have seen the look he got!!!:rofl: