Light trail photography 1st Attempt

First attempt at light trail photography using my drone.

Got the inspiration from a YouTube tutorial that someone shared on FB.

Please offer CC, it’s one of the best ways to learn.


Very nice long exposure :clap:

You can just post the image directly without any link … as shown below.


Thank you for the positive comment and for sharing how to upload images

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If that’s your first attempt @TheBinman then I look forward to seeing your future attempts. Cracking photo!

Which drone was used for this?


Awesome , I’m going back to night flying , amen

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I totally agree with with you fantastic image. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Amazing image, looking forwards to seeing more of your work…

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Mini 2.

I reckon that would make a good completion light trail or trails unless it’s been done before :thinking:

Not sure if it breaches the rules or not, however I’m happy to share a link to the YouTube tutorial, if it’s agreeable

Yes it’s fine to share links , I was just watching one of dronexfacor all one word on YouTube , I love night flying tbh more than day but each to our own , please share it :+1:t2:

Bravo👏🏻, stunning image. Look forward to checking out the video.

Heres the link to the YouTube tutorial that I followed.

Fully credit to its producer - Ben Hirst.

My image is a combination of 25x individual shots, which were processed in LR & PS.


Cheers @TheBinman
I’m going to make a tea then I will watch it , thankyou for sharing mate :+1:t2:

Great tuition :+1:t2: i need to watch it a few more times , I’ll put it on loop :smile::+1:t2:

I’ve watched it numerous times, pausing it, rewinding it again and again, to follow the work flow.

My image is not a panorama image, it’s one composition photographed 20 times.

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I actually prefer yours ( to the pano ) , yes lots of pause and rewind :smile: this other guy on YouTube manages to get some good ones using just filters iso and shutter speed , I suppose good for quick post to social media but I will defo be watching that a few more times !

Really nice. It’s inspired me to try something similar.

Great shot. Haven’t watched the video but will give it a watch purely to see if it was done the way I think it was. If not, something different to try. Only reason to look forward to the clocks changing is to do some light trails.

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Great pic. Too many bloody road works and traffic lights round my way to get one. :rofl::rofl: