Lights... Camera... (DJI) Action.. 🎥

I’ve come to the conclusion that I almost like filming this stuff as much as I do flying it. And having the best quality footage possible has always been a top priority for me personally, not for everyone I understand but I love ripping around beautiful places and having beautiful footage to look at afterwards (shoddy flying notwithstanding!)

I’ve bought as many cameras as I have quads tbh. I loved my GoPro 7s, unfortunately I annihilated the last one in the… incident. :man_facepalming: Fortunately, GoPro subscription / replacement service rocks and they’ve replaced them both times, no cost. Last time though, they sent me a Hero 9 and my immediate reaction was wooohooo! But - it’s a brick tbh - is upwards of 150g. I’m also not a fan of the latest flavour of Hypersmooth, it’s just too… something. And really can’t quite handle what FPV needs it too. So I’ve kept looking, I punted £50 on a Hero 4 a few weeks ago for a trip to Wales and it’s ok but is a bit dated now. (The image quality is still far better than any non-brand ‘4K action camera’ you’ll get anywhere though)

I’ve looked at the SMO4K, the Walnut, the Peanut etc, I’ve also tried… RunCam Split and RunCam Thumb Pro V2 and whilst they’re ok (Pro V2 is a nice camera) there’s a lot of post flying faff with Gyroflow (awesome open source piece of software btw) to get something looking decent.

So, basically I want… small form factor, 4K, 60FPS, stabilisation, good build quality. I’ve been thinking about doing a Naked GoPro 7, but they’re getting hard to get hold of so now the cost of camera, BEC board and case etc is north of £150… and if you smash it (and you’ll smash it), you’re a bit stuffed.

Enter, the DJI Action 2. I think it bombed in the standard action camera market as it’s got known overheating problems, and is fairly limited in terms of onboard storage and battery life. The latter doesn’t seem to be a problem to me (yet!) - 25mins of 4K 60FPS before its internal available 22GB memory is full and the battery lasts about the same time. That’s 4-5 packs so for a standard ‘session’ I reckon that should just about cover it. You can stick about 20% power in it in 5mins though if you want to give it a boost. Funnily enough, it also doesn’t seem to overheat when going 50kph :grin:

The price in the U.K. is also now half what it was when released which makes it still expensive, but I think is now very reasonable in terms of quality of the build and the features it’s got.

It’s a well-built chunk, but has a big ole glass lens on the front and a beautiful little OLED screen on the back :face_with_peeking_eye: so some protection is a must (lots of TPU mounts / cases out there for it) - also I found DJI offer a similar smash and replace policy to GoPro - that’s a lot cheaper than the GP one so that was a no brainer.

I’ll let you judge the (fairly boring!) footage - just a quick lap around one of my favourite spots.

All in all, am super impressed. It’s a third of the weight of the GoPro at 53g and is comparable image quality to the Hero 7/8, and is half the price of the newer GoPro models.

Shot at 4K, 60FPS, auto everything else.


Look at the FireFly Q6
You’ll be amazed at the quality for the price :slightly_smiling_face:

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tbh my first reaction was… ohhhh… what did I miss :joy: Just done some looking though and watched a few vids on YT. Picture quality is indeed pretty good, but no stabilisation (or gyro logs it seems) I saw one video of it on a fixed wing and it was just jello hello tbh. And it’s £99 on the first site I looked at (cheaper on the slow boat no doubt).

I’ve been through sooo many action cameras over the years and am very suspicious of pretty much every claim tbh. I’ve had the Akaso and SJCAM ones which are about the best ‘budget’ Go-Pro alike ones (and the latest Akaso Brave is £140 now so not cheap) and, imho the GoPro has a wide edge over all of them.

But, 150g lump won’t cut it on a Crux35, and it’s even asking a lot of my Rekon6 tbh. I’ll see how this works out in the long run, but am super happy with first results.

And there’s me thinking you’d fly und that amazing tree overhanging the river:-)

Just found this post as I’m
Contemplating buying one as my caddx action camera has packed up.

Weight wise this fits well and is very reasonably priced right now.

How is it fairing for you now ? Are you still using it and would you recommend?

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It was the drop in price that sold me!

Three months on… love it tbh. Most of my recent footage is shot on it. I use it on the Crux35 all the time and it’s a really nice form factor. Is really well built too.

Get screen protectors. I bent the TPU holder and it dinged a screw on the frame. :man_facepalming: Fortunately the camera was fine.

Personally, I get on with it really well. I mostly use 4K60FPS which gets approx 25mins on internal storage. Exporting to SD isn’t quick. Footage quality / stabilisation is nice. Really nice.

Most people’s main complaint will be battery life. It is short. 15-18mins max really. That said, it’s very quick to charge off the power block, so I pop it out between flights and give it a bit of juice. It’s not really put any restrictions on shooting stuff for me but it’s deffo more suited to quick rips rather than long range stuff. It does also get pretty toasty, but not an issue when flying.

My recent favourite capture with it:


It’s a great price and very light.

I bought a go pro mini 11 which is awesome but wanted something that’s a bit lighter for some of my smaller drones.

The footage you have posted looks great.

Think I’ll pop and get one later. As well as some screen protectors :sunglasses:

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