Link Live To DJI At 3.00PM On The 23rd Of January 2018


That’s 15:00pm here, remember people!

Ok, ok, I give in… my curiosity has got the better of me!

Thanks for the link Ray :+1:

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I have a feeling its a New Mavic or A New Addition to the Drone Range .

Here In the UK 3.00pm is Also Correct as 15.00 hours But It use’s Less Ink :crazy_face:

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Looks like this is it!

SPOILER ALERT…saw this on Facebook and couldn’t unsee it. Have buried the link here - pics and details on tomorrow’s launch.They might be bollocks, and then again they might not.


The Thing I think that might make it cool is, If was less than or under 250grams

Less than 250 quid would work! :wink:


How About The Tello At £99 and Weighs Just 80grams Total!1200

No gimbal … non-starter for me … even tho I take far more pics than video.

Perhaps for some fun … but then a racing drone for about that much would be even more fun! :+1:

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I think its one for My Tiguan Glove Box at £99 and free from CAA Rules

It’s DJI … I bet it still complies with NFZs … won’t be able to fly in my house/garden! :frowning:

I am sure your spot on there @OzoneVibe but Its a toy for sure and even at 63 I love to play now and then.And after all its only the cost of 10 Packs of B&H

You whipper-snapper! :wink:

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No kinky Comments Please … I am past all that :crazy_face:


I am All set To view the DJI Release Live while Comments can be Shared,Here with just 17 mins to go .

Chromecasting the feed to the TV … :wink:

Its All Done Samsung Series 9000 55" Showing this live via my Apple TV link All Upscaled to 4K SUHD

Who’s coming around with the Kia-Ora, Lyons-Maid ice cream and popcorn?