LiPo Battery charging

How do you charge the GNB 2200mAh 4S 110C LiPo Battery. :flushed:

I seen someone posting a lipo balance charger and as normal did a search then realised I probably need one for my batteries in the future.

I’m confused as I’ve looked at all the connections that came with IMAX b6 lipo balance charger and the white clip will fit but the t60 connector does not, I presume I need to order a t60 connection but what type to fit which wire.

Also can it charge the GNB 450mAh 1S 80C LiHV Battery (PH2.0) or just stick with USB LiPo LiHV Charger.

I read about explosion’s and do it right on discharge correctly if not being used.

Also IMAX B6 or TS 100 did not come with power source will this laptop charger work as I don’t want to short my new stuff out. :scream:
INPUT:/**: 100-240V-50-60Hz 1.7A OUTPUT: / #:19V = 3.42A


I think it’s the deans female. Check the connector on the other end of the banana plugs

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I’m not familiar with that particular charger, but yes you are correct you will need some banana plug to XT60 charging leads as the ones supplied look like Deans connectors.

I would definitely do your research on Lipo safety. Never leave them alone while charging always be close by and check on them regularly check for puffing of the battery and touch the battery if it’s getting warm then stop the charging cycle.

Always try and charge at a 1C rating. To work out a 1C rating for the battery you’re going to charge you take the number of mah and convert it into Amp hours so your 2200mah pack should be charged at 2.2amps for a 1C charge rate. A 1500mah pack should be charged at 1.5amps for a 1C rating.

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Or as @notveryprettyboy has posted get a converter plug for the leads you have :+1:t2:

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I had one of them. It didn’t come with an xt60 connector. I soldered one up. Part and parcel of the hobby. The psu you are proposing is not ideal. The current is a little low, and I think the voltage is too high. Can’t remember.
It’s a poor charger, sorry. Get a cheap ISDT from hobbyrc.
Just being honest :grin:


The laptop charger might be ok to power the TS100 if the plug fits it as the TS100 is 12-24v and the laptop charger outputs 19v. But not 100% sure.

Where did you order the TS100 from? The one from HobbyRC comes with an XT60 lead to power the iron. You can then power it from your 4s Lipo :+1:t2:

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Your laptop charger is 1Volt over the recommended input but has enough power. Power = Volt X Current, P=19Volt X 3.42A = 64.98Watts

The iMax B6 charger is rated at 50Watts so you have the power.

If your charger didn’t come with one, they seldom do, this is the manual for it

Power requirement for the B6 is:

Operating voltage range: DC11.0-18.0 volts / AC to DC adapter (DC11.0-18.0V/6A/5A)

so it looks like the laptop charger isn’t suitable - irrespective of whether the DC plug is the same polarity and size.

An alternative is a B6 with built in PSU that will run on 110/240 AC or 12/18 DC

UK supplied from an eBay vendor:

I have never tried using these guys and there are plenty of vendors available so make your own choices :slight_smile:

The cable set supplied with the charger doesn’t seem to have an XT60 connector. You will need one of these or a multi connector = banana plug (charger end) to XT60 (battery end) charger adapter cable

The wee GNB battery appears to have a JST-PH 2.0 plug which should (I think) charge direct from the charger balance port. If I am wrong you will need one of these:

If your TS100 didn’t come with a power lead heres the link:

Or there is a better quality one here:

Thanks @notveryprettyboy thanks ordered at that price :+1:

I’m up for that :+1:have to learn sometime but need to get the parts first :wink:

That’s what I want if I got it totally wrong tell me, I have a few PSU units in the garage it was just this one to hand and fitted both charger and ts100

Thanks @DeanoG60 I’ve got lipo bags ordered and i understand the charging at correct setting, never realised the dangers of batteries until I was doing a search :scream::scream::scream: I have a house full I’ve have other batteries from the other drones in bags but I’m thinking be wiser in the garage not attached to the house, where’s you guys keep yours???

Thanks it came with TS100 XT60 Power Cable but your second link one looks good and I have a voucher :wink: :+1:

Thanks @DeanoG60 yes ordered from them and did have the xt60 lead which does plug into 4s lipo.:+1:

Thanks my eyes can see that pdf file :nerd_face:

Another plonker mistake maybe as I did see and noticed them with the simple plug, I was sceptical to order something as important as this as charging has to be right and be wary what’s inside the box so I bought where I knew it definitely came from.

@macspite big thanks ordered banana plug and xt30 as it’s a better setup and balance charger will help.

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I keep mine in a fireproof lipo bag in my living room and when not in use they are kept at storage voltage. Usually charge them the day before a flying session. And then storage charge them when I get home after flying.


FWIW, I’ll add that I’ve had that B6 charger for about 3 years. It’s nothing special but gets plenty use from me and never had any problems. I don’t use most of the functions - just balance charge Lipos at 1C and storage charge and that’s about it. Fortunately, mine came (from HobbyKing) with an XT60 cable and I also use an XT30 converter for the batteries on my 3" quad.

I’d like to look into something that I can somehow use in the car if, for example, I take a day trip and want to recharge whilst out. Also charging multiple batteries would be a bonus - I can nip out for half an hour and do 4 batteries pretty quickly and that then takes 4 hours to recharge before I can think about going out again. It’s not often that this is an issue but being able to do, say, two at once would be nice.

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I use this:

And it’s a great charger. Can be powered by DC or AC power so ideal for field charging.

I’m also looking at one of these:

As then I can charge 6 packs at a time without worrying about parallel charging. :+1:t2:


The B6 is avery good charger. You need the right connector for your lipo as others have said.
Don’t worry about the C rating, this charger will take care of it.
With Lipos you conect the charger output to to your battery, pos to pos and neg to neg.
You must then plug the little white connector into the right connector on the end of the charger. This is the balance lead, The charger won’t let you charge unless that is connected.
From the picture it looks like the Lipo is a 2S ( two cells in series) if so then set the charger to lipo balance charge and set current to 1Amp. Press the start button and hold it down until the display changes and the charger will check that you do have a 2S and request start. Press the start again and the charge will start.
If you now press the inc button you well see te individual cell voltages displayed as it charges.

You can select Lipo charge for a quicker charge but the balance is not so good.
If you value the batteries then always charge using balance charge.
To store batteries if not using for som time use the Store setting. If battery is low it will charge to the correct starage level, if te battery is higher it will discharge to the correct level.
From the spec plate on your picture the Laptop PSU has a 3.42 A output, this is more than enough to run your B6 as long as you only charge at 1A.
I always charge my lipos at 1A , even my 3s 5000ma packs . You get a better charge and little risk of over heating them.

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5000mah lipo charging at 1A? How many times does Santa come down the chimney before its finished charging?

You can safely charge a 5000mah pack at 5amps.


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

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Or he could wait till the cows come home

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2-3c ftw

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Life on the edge :rofl:

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