Lipo charger recommendations (FPV)

Hi all

I’m looking to upgrage my isdt 300w, single lipo charger to at least 75w per lipo, at least 4 lipos at once on charge (up to 6s 3a charge). A 4 way charger or more. I’m not keen on parallel charging. I’ve burnt up a board twice.
I can rig up a suitable psu so that’s not a problem. But I don’t want to break the bank (cos it’s already broke)
Any recommendations?

I’ve been using one of these for a few years. It is basic, a bit like having four SkyRC B6 four button chargers in one box. I use it in the field with a lead acid battery most of the time.


That’s not a bad price. I’ll have a look at the detail :+1:

I just remebered.

The charger does come with a small selection of charge leads but surprisingly none of them are XT60’s. Nor is it supplied with balance boards, though it’s easy enough to to use the balance connectors. So, if like me, you mainly use XT60’s it’s probably a good idea to put some XT60 charge leads in your basket and some 2s to 6s balance boards.


I would just grab more isdt chargers. They are utterly brilliant!

Maybe. I am thinking about it. If it works out cheaper.