Litchi App Updates

Android, at least - and I’m sure iOS too.

Dynamic POI addition whilst flying a mission.

Hmmm … need to think through how that will be useful.


If there is something of interest on the mission path that has appeared since Google Maps of that area were taken?

But you are in a mission that’s running … and you can’t use it in the mission you’re flying … because it’s off doing its thing.

One way to find out. Who is volunteering for a potential suicide mission>

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This could be fun! :+1:



Care will get to be taken with the new “Exit Mission on Loss of Signal” … sometimes that can’t be predicted.

No Mini, yet …


I’m still gonna take a chance of the Mini being added in the future (if it has a decent Black Friday discount).


I’m sure it will be. Litchi usually come good as soon as they get the api from DJI.


From Appsliced (its pretty much every year)


Roll on Friday :+1:t2:


That was a quick update … :man_shrugging:

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Litchi update - 4.17.0 29 Nov ‘19
Has anybody had any issues with this update?
I’m wondering if it’s worth doing, or as everything works OK should I leave alone :thinking:
All comments appreciated
Steve :+1:

I’ve not used Litchi much recently, due to the weather but I have never had any issues with any updates they’ve pushed out.

Deets here: What's new - Litchi


I only got the app in December which I believe the new update will of been on there. I have had no issues with the app and I fly it with mavic air. Not that I have many chances to test it with the poor weather.

Hope that’s helpful

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Flew Litchi last week and no probs at all, in fact rth seemed more accurate :grin:

Thanks guys,
I appreciate all your inputs.
I’ll proceed with the update :+1:
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

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From a couple of years of Litchi experience … never been an issue with any of their updates.

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Moved your posts, and replies, over to the Litchi Update thread. :wink:

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Sorry, I’m sure there are answers out there but I’m being impatient.

Through a little research it seems Litchi support for both Mav Mini and MA2 is in pipeline but the last I heard (maybe a month ago) it was imminent.

Anybody know anything more?

Litchi updates seem to be thin on the ground and I bought Litchi a while back while it was on special offer.

Moved your post offer to this thread that covers updates.