Litchi chit-chat ... What's Litchi? Should I use Litchi?


I’m gonna be Litchi exclusive for a while, the ability to toggle tripod/home & course lock from the main flying screen has sold it for me


Erm,i guess thats a no then mate!!!:joy::joy:


@milkmanchris I can shunt most of this chat over to a new “Litchi Chit-chat” thread and leave this about your post … let me know where you’d like it snipped.


It REALLY surprises me that DJI haven’t just bought out Litchi.

… but I’m also ten times more delighted that they haven’t.


It really surprises me that DJI dont make litchi an officially recommended app.:+1::+1:


From what I’ve seen - DJI don’t give a shit about Litchi … they can’t get DJI to address the lack of battery temp data that suddenly vanished and Litchi have tried to resolve,


Too much hassle Dave, link to a new thread and we can add as we go along ;o) Cheers


I moved most over to here - easier for others to find. :wink:

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Go4 Waypoints and Litchi Waypoints with its missions hub are like night and day. So impressed with Litchi’s solution to waypoints. So good.


Being dyslexic I find it hard with destructions but would be nice to watch a how to video on litchi (hint @OzoneVibe)


Easier to meet up and demonstrate.


I say “easier” … because I think a video would be about 5 days long. LOL!


Yeh that would be good👍


Just need to decide a location - then find some decent weather when we’re both available. :+1:


Yep sounds good and a good food wagon near by :wink:


Would be interested in watching this if there is scope and availability.


I’m sure we can find a suitable venue. New regs mean my favourite local field won’t be useable in a couple of weeks time when they kick in.


At the moment I am on a long production but on the plus side it’s only five days a week so I am free weekends well some of them so weather dependent perhaps we can do a Saturday


I agree with that Chris !!, nice to be able to sit at your PC in the warm and plan a mission just about anywhere in the world !