Litchi chit-chat ... What's Litchi? Should I use Litchi?


Then check for powerlines when you get to the location. :wink:


Oh - and that wasn’t a dig at another member’s otherwise excellent recent video … only made more excellent by slipping between the cables … but something that I realised when I went to fly one recently. :wink:


Would the M2P’s object avoidance system work in Litchi?


If it’s switched on.

Same as in Did not understand Litchi Reverse with the MP

^^^^ excellent vid for obstacle avoidance being demonstrated in Litchi Mission mode on an MP.


AND … the M2P has …. more sensors looking in more directions! :+1:

(Not that any of mine are on. LOL!)


Does litchi have a panorama option?

I bought the app as a back up on my android device but have never used it.

Wouldn’t mind taking some panos if the option is available.


Yup! … not that I’ve used the Litchi panos myself.


… but why not use Go4? … or are you “version limited”? :wink:


Exactly that :sunglasses:


Ah - OK - I only rolled back when I knew I could make the mods I wanted to make and then roll forward with them far enough for Go4 panos.

Now - there’s an interesting thought - I wonder if Litchi panos need a “certain” Mavic firmware? I’ll wait for you to let us know, @TassyWass :+1:

(Edit: I doubt that it does.)


Work fine on .700 for me :wink:


That’s good to know! :+1:


Came across this while geeking

@sparkman999, next time we meet, how about setting something similar


Brilliant idea! So simple to set up, too.

But … I think at least 4 Mavics following one another would be better. :wink:

… all with Strobons! :+1:

… or, dangling a long line of flashing Christmas Tree LEDs! :rofl:
(Always wanted to try that! ^^^ )


Yeah, because none of that would set off any type of armed police or military response would it :rofl:

Sign me up though, I’d love to be part of a drone convoy!

Guiness World Record attempt? Pretty sure we could set one? :thinking:


I’ve been giving it some thought, already.

Realised I’ve never done a night-time Litchi … so that’s going to happen as soon as this weather breaks.


Well. Set up a really interesting first night-time Litchi Mission. :wink:
Now for the weather …


A big YES, on that one, having said that I flew OVER some pylons last week (115m ato) on purpose several times keeping a very careful eye s on signal strength, didn’t bother my mavic pro at all. Distance about 1 kkmm.


Litchi and power lines aren’t too big an an issue … are they @joe.k ?

2nd Litchi Mission - Almost Electrocuted My Mavic

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


And Welcome to GADC, Tony / @Twalker01!!

If you have a moment, pop over to #introductions and tell us a little about yourself. :+1: