Litchi - M2 ... Pro and Zoom ... Now supported


Excellent news!

Just checked their CrystalSky version too, also now supports the M2 :+1:

I’m glad DJI released the SDK for the M2 quicker than they did for the Air, that took about three months or something daft :roll_eyes:

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Owned the app for a while. Still afraid of using it for the first time :slightly_frowning_face:


I even had an email from Litchi this morning telling me it was now M2 compatible.

Perhaps they’ve decided to get their act together. :+1:

Ha! Yeah - it is a psychological step to take.

SMALL (often silly) missions in a field where I could watch everything it was doing - heading, gimbal tilt, etc., and then getting larger/higher (more silly) was what I did.

I soon realised I was more worried about my skills to create a mission than I was it’s ability to faithfully follow it.

One waypoint that had negative 100ft was perhaps the biggest mistake … but viewing the mission in Google Earth showed that one up. :wink:

I think the ‘Missions’ side of things would be a bit too much for me. Too many things could go wrong (by user error).

I just bought it in case Go4 played up out in the field.

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It’s worth getting used to using.

It makes some REALLY smooth movements that even the best pilot wouldn’t manage as accurately … taking into account wind, panning, tilting, flying sideways/diagonally, etc.

I must get an play with it more. I have several missions all ready and carefully reviewed. Negative altitude during a long over water leg would not be good.

Excellent news! Will update now.

Just waiting on Hangar now.

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Me too … an Android version. :wink: :rofl:

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Good luck with that one


I know - especially since they’ve said they have absolutely no plans on that one.

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A lot better as well now since they added the option to make the way points height relative to the ground and not the takeoff point, had some hairy moments with that one ;o)

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I still think in terms of height above t/o.

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Cliff tops at Filey was nearly a costly lesson so I now plan above ground.

That assumes their ground height data, and their utilisation of it, is correct. :wink:

That’s one level of trust too far for me.

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A see another release of the app was made today.
Perhaps their initial M2 implementations weren’t fully sorted in the first release.

They’ve not updated this: What's new - Litchi :roll_eyes:

My CrystalSky version is reporting as v4.9.0-a

Is yours the same?


Weird… I get mine from the Amazon App Store, entirely possible they’re running behind, I’ll check for another update tomorrow.

I didn’t make a note of the version number that installed yesterday.