Litchi mission - Felixstowe

Unedited footage of Litche mission at the port of Felixstowe . This is my new playground.


Nice Joe, really smooth.

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One of the main reasons to use Litchi.


I know, every time I see a Litchi mission vid, they always look good.
Will have to get my head round it.
We need a Litchi masterclass, plus we could use it as a meet up/piss up


I had to quickly whip up this mission on the spot (at take off location) as I found my originally planned mission could upset some people.
The great thing is , you can keep re using and refining your missions .

Litchi has so many features, settings, variables, approaches - and people want to use it in so many ways, I think a “masterclass” has limited potential.

Best thing is to find a big field where you can do a small, slow mission … add features and check they work as you expect, put down objects where you set focal points, etc … and gradually expand things.

Because Litchi has so many features, settings, variables, approcahes … there are potential pitfalls. But that’s the user getting something wrong or overlooking something.
Once correct, and underway, I have 100% faith in Litchi. In myself, less than 100% :wink:


Great plan, bring your dad

Did you pre-set camera heading in that clip - or adjust that as you flew just using Litchi for track and speed?

It’s probably a good subject for using it in Zip-Wire mode (not an official term) … where you set the whole of a track to zero speed, and then use the up/down on right stick to control speed/direction along the track, and camera tilt/heading as normal on the left stick (with low sensitivity settings!).

Great for tracking steam trains, that method! … since you can’t predict where/when they’ll be … but you know they’ll be on the track, at least. :wink:

Pre-set. I really need to RTFM.

This was my first attempt at zip-wire …

Stream Train using Litchi in Zip Wire mode

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It’s more thinking out of the box than a manual. I’ve been using for some time and still think of new ways to achieve something.

Oh - and I can still get things wrong, too … like “moving” a mission that’s set as height above ground.
Still not sure of the best approach to this or exactly why things didn’t go as expected.
Must investigate!

(“Moving”, as you probably know, like “resizing” and “rotating” can only be done on the web Hub UI.)

I think litche is simply epic .
I haven’t used DJI go 4 since coming across Litchi.

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Right… got the zip wire concept sussed. Changing waypoint altitudes .
Using this on revised mission. Thanks


Been out with me Dad @sparkman999 today.
Got to flying site
Everything set up, connected, ready to fly.
All systems GO.
First thing he said
I need a piss!!!


At least he still remembers when he needs to go ;o)

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Watch it son…

Bladder capacity reduces with age.

See I told you it will come to you one day…

Great views. Thanks for sharing. Might have to give Litchi a go. Landguard Fort is down there too, which might be interesting to fly around.

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