Drax Power Station - Quick Fly Around


Following on the from the excellent post by @joe.k

I thought I should revisit Litchi, so took the kids out on their bikes and had a little play, 6km mission about 15 minutes or so, speeded up 8x to make it more interesting.

I’ve always found video from Litchi a little on the soft side, so I need to play with the settings a little bit more I think. This is straight from the card (only the aforementioned speed increase)

Litchi chit-chat ... What's Litchi? Should I use Litchi?

That’s rather brilliant! :+1:


Looks bloody good at that speed .
For a moment I thought you were going to fly between the chimneys .


Top notch @milkmanchris :smiley:


Probably needed the centre chimney as the POI on the way out and way back, but thats for next time.

Some notes on using Litchi

That is the other mega-plus for Litchi … easy to repeat, easy to tweak and repeat. :+1:

I’ve just stuck that vid up on the TV (where it looks EVEN better!) … that’s my usual control route for replaying.

In those hazy conditions, I’m not sure there’s a thing wrong with the colours … exactly how I’d expect and want - natural. Can always tweak in post.

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Nice one Chris. Just watched on the tv.


So thank you all for the feedback.

Big thank you to Dave @OzoneVibe for the reading material on POI and Waypoints. I had a little adjust with the route to take me round the whole of the power station (to keep sort of legal), and added the main chimney as a POI for the route in and out, still needs a little more adjusting and another days flying.

6.8km completed in 13:32 with 44% battery left (for the kids to have a play around the fields). Only dipped slightly on signal at the back of the run (waypoint 5) can be expected there are some pretty big magnetic forces at play in there.

Video again straight from the card, speeded up to 8x to make it a little more interesting.

I look forward to your comments ;o)

DJI Smart Controller - one issue for me

Hi, Chris, something I want to try is speed ramping, what I would try is ramp the speed on the approach, between the cooling towers and the return, and try slowing your speed to 2X for the coolers, and add some music.
Just my thoughts.
Good Litchi flight, I have to try and get my confidence up to use it again.


Cheers Richard, what you said was the original plan, and is on the to do list (gets longer with every passing day).

For the last couple of weeks, I have used it exclusively (apart from yesterday when my mind was telling me that the video it produces is soft compared to GO4, however same flight a couple of minutes apart using both Litchi and GO4 proved me wrong).

My only niggle so far is that I miss is tap exposure that I used a lot in GO4.


That’s the same here … and creating my edit took WAY longer then the 12 minutes of the flight!


Yep, I can spend two days on and off editing a video with tweaks and then just bin it because I don’t like it.
The amount of times I’ve done this I’ve lost count.
I have probably a good 40+ locations to edit and just can’t find the creative oomph to get them done without scrapping them.


Three months of flying in Italy in 2017 and I think only one of the 50+ video has been edited so far, and only a handful of the 8,000 photos has been tweaked.


My biggest issue at the moment is lack of computing power, I have a very nice MacBook Pro but its 5 years old and now starting to struggle and I get pissed off waiting on render times.

The shiny new iMac has been on the shopping list for ages, however I know that it would keep me in the office (spare room) more than is seriously healthy ;o(

I have 2 TB of drone footage that needs making into a 90 second show reel, I have the idea and the clips, its just getting round to sitting down and doing it


Computing power is not an issue, rendering a 3 minute video only takes a few minutes to 2.7k.
If I don’t feel the creativity I can’t get it done.

Yesterday, (first day off), was spent playing in Fusion 360 designing a filter box for the Polar Pro filters for the Inspire, today I’m finishing printing it as the weather is turning.


I don’t care so much if it takes a while to final render … it’s when the actual editing is all stutters that I get annoyed. I can go and do something if it’s sat rendering for ages … not that this laptop is too bad.

Sometimes test render to much lower than final res to see how it “looks” before a final full-res render, and that saves a load of time.


Had a little play, FCP really is the dogs bollox for this kind of thing (20x - 5x - 20x - 5x - 20x) with speed transitions)

Thanks to @EricMatyas for the music.


DaVinci does easy speed transitions … but only up to 8x. Usually enough, but creating a compound clip and adding more speed was easy enough.


That looks good! What res were you recording in?