Litchi - Rotate at Waypoint for Video Panorama

Anyone know what the rotation speed is … and can it be modified?

I’m guessing it’s “as fast as bloody possible”?

Thinking from a pano point of view, it’ll rapid fire through the moves as quick as it can?

Not sure about the app, but I’ve never seen a rotation speed option on the mission hub :frowning:

Not seen it in either place, myself.
But you make a good point about pano … the pano function button adds a load of “Rotates” … so, you’re probably right. #damn!

So - there must be a way of making a sloooow panorama video? Anyone any ideas?

What’s the lowest value/setting you can apply in GO4 to the yaw? I’m thinking along the lines of setting it realllly slow, then just pull the stick hard left and it’ll go damned slow?

Or, do you mean via a litchi mission? :thinking:

I was thinking as a Litchi mission …. but also wondering where the yaw sensitivity adjustment is actually applied … RC or MP.
If it’s applied into the MP, it might actually be effective in a Litchi mission. :thinking:

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Perhaps I’m wrong but the rotation speed at a given waypoint will be dependent on the approach and away cruise speed you specify when you set up the waypoint mission and how wide the actual rotation is. The higher the approach and away speeds are, combined with performing a tight turn should result in a fast rotation, and vice versa for a slower rotation.

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I think @OzoneVibe meant the “actions” that you can add to the bottom?


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Indeed … these after a “Stay for …. secs” … but with a “degrees/sec” on the rotate.