Litchi with MP on Modded Firmware (1.4.100)

Obviously, the Litchi instructions say “ensure you’re on latest firmware”, etc …

However, anyone else using with their MP on modded 1.4.100 who can confirm they’ve experienced no apparent issues?

Also, with modded firmware where “limits” have been “extended” … does Litchi work to the modded limits, or does it use DJI defaults?

I’m on same firmware as you and not experienced any issues, everything seemed to work except the pano stitch feature but that might be my iPad.

Not tried going outside limits but imagine it would work same as go4 as using dji sdk.

Hangar had the same warning which I queried but seemed to work fine on older firmware.

I might try a brief low-level hovering flight in the garden, tomorrow, to check out what happens in an NFZ. :thinking:

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Well - what I have discovered is that Litchi will not complete the upload of a mission that transgresses an NFZ … even though my modded firmware is set to enable flight in an NFZ.
(Note: This would be the same on standard, current, firmware!)

Might have to try using that other method that @PingSpike used to delete all NFZ data in its entirity.
A shame really … I’d prefer to have to the data, and associated warnings, there and ignore it should I be so inclined.

Mission #2 will not be in my garden. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder if it would work if I went the DJI route to get a temporary unlock to a specific NFZ? … not that I have that need or any intention of doing so.

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I sure I read that unlocks work - on a P4, should also work on a MP.

If you do what I did and completely remove the NFZ database from the aircraft itself then Litchi will let you fly anywhere.

Well, I’m guessing Litchi doesn’t have its own NFZ database?! I’ve never heard anyone mention it if it does!

You could then look at GO4 if you wanted to see the locations? That’s assuming you’re not running a NFZ-free GO4 :wink:

One thing I also noticed but just remembering. When planning a mission with a 700m altitude gain in litchi planner, it let me create the mission but when i viewed it on Google earth it tops off at 500m and flew straight into side of mountain.

May be a bug or may have worked in real life but something to be aware of.

Yup - I’m sure it would.
I kind of like them being there on the basis that if I’m in a part of the world I’m not familiar with, at least I’d get warned before intercepting an RAF Eurofighter … ;p

It was totally happy at the planning stage - web or app - only bumped into it at the upload … at the end when really the “upload” was complete.
Must be something DJI have in there to intercept autonomous NFZ flights.

The device I use for the MP is always in airplane mode, so no maps. :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s nothing around here high enough to simulate that. LOL!

Actually, if you enter a value of more than 500m altitude, it saves it as 500m.
If you open the same waypoint again - it’s 500m.
So - no autonomous flights over the Himalaya! #Bother! :stuck_out_tongue:

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We have three NFZ databases to contend with. There’s one in the aircraft and two in the GO4 app, a ‘basic’ and a ‘precise’ :roll_eyes:

Ignore the arrow highlights, this screen shot is from a different thread.

Can you not cache them Dave mate? I run my CS offline, but always cache the maps of the place I’m going to fly in advance :+1:

You could always check the Altitude Angel app for NFZs and NOTAMS before hand too :+1:

It’s more accurate than DJIs!

Not sure if it’s UK only though?

Well - yes - but, as in last summer, I didn’t know where I’d be going much in advance, and when I was in the mountains, quite often there was no data.
I don’t find them much use, tbh. Prefer to keep my eye on the MP and the FPV view.

Of course - when I’m into using Litchi … “properly” … it might become more relevant. :thinking: :wink:

Yup - plenty of other sources.
Driving around Italy, it was often a quick hop out of the car, and a quick up-photo-down … whilst stopped somewhere that really didn’t allow much time for research. That’s why I’d like to keep valid NFZs in the system to give me warnings I can use to make decisions.

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