Evening all hope you are well ?,
I have decided to give Litchi a try, I am hoping it will bring aother aspect to help getting some interesting footage and make the flying even more fun…
Has anyone got it and if so any tips would be appreciated…

It’s on my santa wish list :santa:

Following this thread with interest :christmas_tree:

Well be good, do as she tells you eat ya veg and lets see what he brings LOL :grinning:

As soon as it stops raining a mission has been loaded, if that goes ok its a early morning flight tomorrow around a great landmark… exciting and bricking it :worried:

I was a little apprehensive of Litchi at first but now it’s my flying app Go4 is not used any longer.

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Hi I have just been out and tried a test mission at a really large area, the waypoint mission ran perfect but its recorded it as a MOV so I cannot open it Final cut Pro, a few tweeks and I think it will be great…

I record all my footage in .mov - It is the native movie format for apple and handles better than .mp4 on macs.

I also use FCPX and have no problem importing .mov files

Morning RaRa It was to do with FCPx it would not open the files until I sorted the preferences out, the Litchi footage doesn’t seem very sharp I did all my normal tap to focus etc but just doesn’t look quite right…

Glad you got it sorted.

With Lithci, I tend to do a long press on the device screen, which focuses to infinity

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I have been out this morning and flew a mission NOT very successful really but its down to how I had set things up ie waypoint altitude disantce from POI, on the maps it looks correct but when you set off into the mission you soon see the errors :roll_eyes:

I’m going to have a go at set waypoints whilst flying with Litchi

e.g. fly around a subject or multiple and when the bird is in position and facing the way I want, drop a waypoint

Then move on to the next position and so on.

Then bring the bird home, swap battery and send it on the mission on auto.

You can assign a button to drop waypoints too.