Little visit to Stafford Castle today

Was working in Warrington today and stopped off at Stafford Castle on my way home for a spot of lunch and quick blast of the Mavic Air 2.

Enjoy :slight_smile:


Great video, where did you take off?

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In the little grassy area right at the bottom out of the way of all other people :+1:t2:


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Very nice footage.

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Thank you @Odo2020 it was a fun little flight on my lunch break from work lol

Nice footage deano looks stunning :+1:

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Thank you @Storm1uk :grin:

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Any issues? With people or staff.

Visitor centre was closed, I’m assuming due to covid so never seen any staff, one passer by asked me what model drone I was flying so I told him he gave me the thumbs up and went on his way. Then another passer by stopped and asked me about it and was quite fascinated by it and was really impressed with the range it has. I had a pretty good conversation with him, he was a really nice guy. So nope no issues what so ever.

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Great footage Deano, I will have to go and have a fly myself, I have a Parrot bebop and still learning the basics in flying and there are not many places to fly in Staffordshire that I know are allowed. I did go to the spot in Cannock that’s on the map and that was a good place.

Thanks for sharing. :+1:

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No problem, it was a really nice spot to fly to be honest a good subject to focus on and other than a couple of curious passers by nobody took any notice of me I’d say just pick a less busy time of day maybe try and avoid weekends as there maybe a lot more people about. I got there about 3pm on a Friday and wasn’t busy at all :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

I’ll be on the lookout for your flight once you upload it to repay the love :+1:

Happy flying :grin:


Hi Deano
I grew up in Stafford and spent many a happy hour climbing over the ruins years ago when I was a young boy before it was “made safe”.
Your video brought back many happy memories, Thank You for sharing, and I am suitably impressed by your footage and control, as I am still very much a novice and “learning the ropes”


Thank you @Scuba0576 comments like that make the time and effort that you take getting the footage and putting it all together in post edit totally worth it!

I’ve just took a sneaky peak at your profile to see what drones you own and found that you own the same as me the mavic mini and Air 2. This video was shot on the Air 2. I’m a novice myself that was my 3rd video that I’ve ever made with a drone lol so your comments mean alot as it means I must be doing something right :+1: :grin:

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Thoroughly enjoyed watching that, great flying and lovely footage.

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Thank you @Drumsagard :grin:

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What a great looking castle - and you showed it to advantage!
great stuff


Thank you @stridingsandal glad you enjoyed the footage :grin: :+1:

Visited Stafford Castle with my Grandson, It was lovely to have a look around and we had a quick fly, attached is the video, not as good as yours Deano but we had fun.
Thanks for letting us know about this great spot.

No problem :grin: glad to help. I’m currently in tesco so will have a watch of the video later today :+1:t2: