Live Video relayed to phone very laggy now

I’m our today in the same place as previously, a few months ago, and the video in my phone display is not live anymore. You get a gap of about 4 or 5 second between updating…
You can imagine it is disconcerting…

Any ideas please?


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I’ll assume this is the DJI Mini 2 you’re talking about here.

If so, what version of DJI Fly are you using?

Android or iOS? What device? Make? Model? Etc :grimacing:

What was your signal strength like?

How far away was the drone?

Urban environment or countryside?

Does it work ok indoors and only play up when used outdoors?

Man… so many questions :rofl:

Please give us something more to go on :blush:

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So sorry Rich

It is the Mini 2 … it’s a place I have used over 4 times… Its a rural area… No houses or businesses… Open fields. I had some lagginess the last time I used it locally but it was by our housing estate ( although I didn’t get much lag locally if not going beyond 200 metres)

I’ll check the Fly app version but I updated it 3 weeks ago… Hmmm the time this started from?

I have an Android Redmi Note device… it’s been faultless with the Mini 2 till past two flights apart from it not a particularly bright screen.

Thanks for your interest.

On Android, this is very much likely to be the cause of your issues Alan mate. The general consensus is to delete the app and download v1.4.2 - Make sure you turn off auto-updates too.

Full details from around July-onwards in this thread: DJI Fly - App updates and download links


As Rich said it’s the app, the last stable version for the mini 2, some have been ok with 1.4.8 but there is no advantage from 1.4.2,

In a way this is very comforting! I was actually thinking as I gave up with my flight this afternoon (because if this) that there was no point in having the Mini 2 as it lost its appeal of knowing what your filming in almost real time.

Appreciate your quick replies guys.

The drone firmware is ok as it is do you think?

So grateful​:+1:t3::+1:t3::+1:t3:

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Yup, no issues with firmware, just the recent Android apps (iOS is fine btw).

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I don’t know the cheapest entry level cost of a suitable iPhone but don’t really want to buy yet another phone just for display. I was relatively happy beforehand.

I presume the iPhone screens are brighter?

Thanks again…I have gone from mildly depressed to normal again

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Every phone is different but most fall in to roughly the same nits bracket anyway.

Don’t worry about phones, just downgrade your app :slight_smile:


i just checked the Fly app version it says 1.4.12

is that lower than 1.4.2?

bit confused… BTW it is saying there is another update :scream:

thanks for your patience…

ps I let it install just to see what it did… it is 1.5.1

Eeek. I presume it is still not worth trying to see if it’s fixed… or just remove?

am I really looking for 1.4.02?


You can re-download 1.4.2 here.

Keep it safe.

Install, and turn off updates in the settings once installed.


Aaaah… great… I was losing hope… again thinking I had an older version already… I’m heading for pension soon…

forgive an old man

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managed to roll it back thanks to you all.

I’ll try it out tomorrow… YAY!

Let us know how you get on :slight_smile:

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all back to normal and very responsive video feed now…

Thanks guys… Phew!

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I have posted a question about this on the DJI forum.

I got a reply asking what model phone etc

Let you all know what happens if anything… I gave Greyarrows a positive mention in the thread because of their help in sorting me out… LOL

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