Llwyn-on Reservoir looking low

Not been about for a while but took this Monday morning on the way back from an early start for another Pen-y-Fan walk, taken with the Mini2, 5 x AEB all stitched in Lightroom.
It is that low now that you can see the bridge from the village which was flooded for it’s construction.

You can see the difference from Chris’s (@clinkadink ) post in Jan this year.


A rare sight indeed - great capture :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Thank you.

That is shocking … well done, Richard.


Wow, it’s empty…

Where you say stitched together, had you taken multiple shots :thinking:

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Yes, 5 sets of 3 auto exposure bracketing and then those stitched as a panorama and cropped accordingly, hth.

Thank you :+1: