'Lo Everyone - Hi From St Helens :)

Howdy :smiley:
I’ve been into RC on and off for over 15 years - used to be cars, both nitro and electric - I made the leap to flying machines with some small EFlite mini helicopter jobbies then onto Quads and haven’t looked back since :slight_smile:
I’m currently flying a Mavic 2 Zoom although I do still have a Spark and an original Mavic Pro.

Nice to meet you all.



Hiya Dave ,and welcome to G.A.D.C ! Glad to have you aboard,and welcome to THE friendliest club in the U.K ,Mavic 2 pro pilot here,and absolutely love it.Any questions,we are all here to help and also to learn!:+1::+1::+1:

Thanks m8 - glad to be here :slight_smile: - I’ve had the M2 for a few days now - it’s safe to say it’s the most fun you can have in the air, (shame about the precision landing though!) :wink: the MP will be up for sale shortly as it’s not had an outing since I got the M2! Not sure If I can bring myself to part with the Spark though :laughing:

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LOL Dave i know that feeling,had it when i sold my mavic pro,to a neighbor,and yes,we are still friends!!!:rofl::rofl:

Hello Dave (hal 2000 voice)
Pull up a chair and enjoy the banter we don’t mean to upset people well some of us don’t
If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask and similarly if you know the answer to any questions that may get asked don’t just chip in
Questions like the winning six numbers for the lottery would be nice :grin:

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O.K,Sparkman999 ,please give me some numbers for this Saturdays lottery,and i promise i will put them on.If i win big,you get a free mp2 and i 2…:+1::+1:

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Interesting, (well maybe not), side note…
Did you know that each letter of HAL is one more than IBM?
Thanks folks - I’m here all week - try the fish :slight_smile:


Why do you think i asked first Tony @FIREFOX :grin:

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WOW,now that’s pretty scary,just hope there’s no SKYNET!!!:hushed:

Because i reckon if you give me some numbers,it might JUST be lucky!!

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I can’t win anything so I’m the wrong person to ask

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That maybe true,but you giving someone numbers (ie me! ) may just be very lucky,and then you have also won,namely a mp2 and an inspire 2!!:joy:

Lottery numbers? Sure!
and 7
I’m not sure of the exact date of the draw these numbers come up - but they will - eventually :wink:

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Hi @DTH from another Dave not too far from you in Liverpool.
Welcome.These are a great bunch of people.

No sex…I mean Six !
( yeah ,I know Jeff !, booked me spec savers appointment today!)

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Oh come on! What are the chances of THAT happening :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1:

Hello from sunny Wales, for a change.

A belated welcome @DTH from, well, as you know, just up the road from you :grimacing:

Glad you could join us Dave!