Locations in Bristol?

I’m going to be in Bristol next month and was wondering if anyone could recommend where you can fly a mini 2 legally in the area. In particular does anyone know if you are allowed to fly on the Downs (near Clifton)?

Thanks in anticipation.

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I’ve flown at Clifton Before now with my big bird Mavic 2 Pro and wouldn’t hesitate with the mini.
also check DroneScene for other near by locations


Great photo - where did you take off from for that shot?
Thanks for your response

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And here’s what I got…


I launched from the Observatory, during the pandemic it was very quite and may be busier now unless your there at the crack of dawn or evening.

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Great video mate :ok_hand:t4:

The video


Thanks buddy! It was from a while ago… Back in the days when I actually got quality footage from my drones and not just stuff that looks like it was shot from within a washing machine on spin cycle…!

You ever shoot the Severn Bridge? Great take off point here…

And here’s a result…


I want too so thanks for the launch site :+1:t4:

Bristol Council are actually very progressive towards model craft fliying.
Check out
wehre they show 3 or 4 places with permitted flying (with some prerequisites, that many members here might have)

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Thank you to everyone for very helpful suggestions. I’ve been on the Bristol website and joined the BMFA, so I’m good to go on the Downs when I visit next month. I used to live in Bristol, near the Downs, so I know the area well. As far as I can see I could fly near the observatory and get shots of the bridge as it is further than 50m away - I also checked out the Bridge regulations. Just hope the weather doesn’t let me down.
Does anyone know if the area marked at Blaise, is near enough the castle to get some shots of it? I’m presuming you can’t actually take off or land near to it.

Using Dronescene if you click this symbol you can measure distances to determine your VLOS from your chosen take of point.

Thanks that looks useful. Not sure I’ll get to Blaise, but it was on my list for ‘if I’ve got time’.

Is now on my list :smirk: Thanks for bringing it to my attention :smiley:

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It’s useful what you learn on here. I’ve used drone scene but hadn’t realised you could measure VLOS distance. I’m useless at map reading so still haven’t quite worked out exactly where the designated area is on the council map of Blaise. Still very much at a learning stage :wink:


Just call us TESCO’S, Happy To Help :smiley: :joy:


Remember if you are flying under article 16 (BMFA) you have to do an online risk assessment and it can’t be a commercial flight.



Hi JJ, Thanks for the info, I would not have even imagined that BCC were in the slightest bit interested but good on them.

Please correct me if my understanding below about the Auth 16 mandatory risk assessment (RA) is wrong:

  • the RA does not need to be online
  • futhermore the RA does not need to written down - it may be a mental exercise / checklist that is not recorded.

FYI Personally I DO record my assessment on paper, using my own custom template with date/location/tick boxes for risk and scores. My justification is that this provides “extra protection” to me as indisputable evidence of having completed an RA.
But not because I feel I am mandated to write it down.

Your feedback with references / quotes to regs are very welcome please. Thx.

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