London Borough Byelaws

A while back, I couldn’t find a good source of the byelaws in various London boroughs, so I started gathering a list:

If anyone has any links to other places, happy to update!



Did you scan that yourself?

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Bit confused, that’s the PDF I link to.

Is there an issue with it?


I like the initialled corrections still present on it

If the 90’s call wanting any xerox memorabilia, point them to this

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Pretty crazy, I agree.

I did contact them to check they were up-to-date and they confirmed they were.


You obviously dont know what a link is?
Lots of boroughs have photocopied pdfs on them not very professional i agree but hey.


You seem to have a real issue interacting with me.

Why do you think I don’t know what a link is?

You replied to my post with a link from my own blog. In another thread, you tried to use that link to indicate I was flying outside the law, but you hadn’t actually read it.

Again, I don’t want to be rude, but please fact check what you are saying.

Sorry that post was meant for Miklmanchris who said i had scanned the doc. Think he was being a bit sarky,

Taking a look at the attachment, this section was of interest

National Trust – No

The National Trust prohibit all flying, including overflight. The claim is that these byelaws allow them to prevent overflight, but this seems dubious at best. I do not believe this has been legally tested and would be cautious.

I thought nobody owned the airspace, and so long as you take off / land in an area not owned by National Trust this would be OK, whats the viewpoint on this please

Have a look at the following thread on National Trust, its been done to death

Also I’d take the fine, its cheaper than their parking charges

Penalties for Infringement of Byelaws
26. Every person who shall offend against any, of the foregoing Byelaws shall be
liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding £20 and in the case of a
continuing offence to a further fine not exceeding £2 for each day during which the
offence continues,





Yeah, I’m not going to test this by ending up in court over it. They may be right, they may be wrong. It seems tenuous to me.